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Photo of Talking Taboos – Sex; How do you know if you’re doing it wrong?

Talking Taboos – Sex; How do you know if you’re doing it wrong?

10th October 2018 09:46 AM - Franca Hood

“A recent news article reported that a couple in China had been trying to conceive, without success, for four years, when the doctor noticed something very interesting... Difficulty getting pregnant is something I see every week in my Hypnotherapy...

Photo of Talking Taboos – Too busy caring to care?

Talking Taboos – Too busy caring to care?

13th September 2018 10:18 AM - Franca Hood

I volunteer at a local Carer's group, and one thing I've noticed is how much everyone cares!   That might sound obvious, but I have seen time and time again that these people put everything related to their ‘Cared-for’ before themselves.   Of...

Photo of Men & Fertility

Men & Fertility

16th May 2018 11:50 AM - Mark Clutton

Fertility is a sensitive subject for both men and women.  Men seem to find it especially difficult to talk about their own fertility issues or the emotional challenges of supporting partners. This is partly due to the expectations of society about how...

Photo of What is Meditation

What is Meditation

9th May 2018 08:46 AM -

May 15th is WORLD MEDITATION DAY, and what better way to celebrate it than to stop... take a breath... and share a few thoughts on the subject with the wonderful Anita Nathan: Hatha Yoga and Meditation Practitioner... ‘What is Meditation? Meditation...

Photo of Hay Fever - An Eastern Medicine Approach

Hay Fever - An Eastern Medicine Approach

11th April 2018 08:39 AM - Kirsten Ward

Hay fever is a seasonal condition with symptoms of frequent sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, nasal discharge or blockages, which affects around 13 million people in the UK. If these symptoms occur throughout the whole year they are referred to as...

Photo of Top Tips for a good nights sleep

Top Tips for a good nights sleep

28th February 2018 10:21 AM - Samantha Farmer

I love sleep. I love nodding-off and I love waking-up; it is all so satisfying when it is going well. However, sleep can be elusive to most of us at one time or another leaving us with physical or mental fatigue. Some people find it hard to get to...

Photo of How is your relationship...with your bed?

How is your relationship...with your bed?

28th February 2018 09:45 AM - Franca Hood

The idea of bed conjures up different things for different people.  For many people, their bed is a place of sanctuary.  Their own private world.  Deep, restful sleep, or exciting, exhilarating lovemaking, or both... or neither... What's your idea of...

Photo of Reflexology for Raynaud’s

Reflexology for Raynaud’s

24th January 2018 01:02 PM - Caroline Challender

Raynaud’s affects the blood circulation causing the skin to be deprived of a normal blood flow. Raynaud’s is most noticeable when you are cold or stressed. Arteries and capillaries become narrower, reducing blood flow to the hands and feet. This...

Photo of The reality of Reiki...

The reality of Reiki...

24th January 2018 12:30 PM - Samantha Jackson

Reiki is still surrounded by many myths and misconceptions, here Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist & Reflexologist: Sam Jackson dispels some of the mysteries and shares the reality of this wonderful healing treatment. 'I’ve been practising...

Photo of Hypnosis… dispelling the myths

Hypnosis… dispelling the myths

24th January 2018 10:54 AM - Leanne Farrell

Did you know about the potential benefits of Hypnotherapy? Are you worried you’ll come out of a session clucking like a chicken after staring at an agitated pocket watch for an hour? Here’s a little info' from the experts at...

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