13 Top Tips to Tackle Obesity

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13 Top Tips to Tackle Obesity

13th January 2017 12:40 PM

Author: Samantha Farmer

This week is National Obesity Awareness Week. According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre report published last year 58% of women & 65% of men in the UK were overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risk of type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other common conditions. 

If you or someone you know is overweight or obese and at risk of any of the above conditions, here are some tips to help you change that situation this year.

1. Look to alter your lifestyle choices, rather than go on a low calorie or low fat diet, as these methods of losing weight are not sustainable and can be unhealthy. Try a low glycaemic load diet.
2. Avoid sugary foods like biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, sweets.
3. Swap from white bread, white pasta & rice to whole grain options.
4. Restrict eating bread to once per day.
5. Choose porridge over packet cereals.
6. Eat a protein each time you eat a carbohydrate food e.g. 6 almonds with an apple; the protein will help slow the digestion of the apple and therefore the sugars from it. It also tastes fab.
7. Include at least 5 vegetables and 2 to 3 fruits per day.
8. Ensure you include plenty of fibre in your diet from whole grains, beans & lentils, nuts & seeds, and a wide range of vegetables and fruit.
9. Reduce saturated fats, hydrogenated fats (margarine type spreads) and trans-fats (in processed foods and deep fried foods).
10. Include healthy fats like oily fish, olive oil, nuts & seeds, coconut oil, avocado.
11. Drink plenty of water; roughly 8 glasses per day. Start the day with a large glass. Add juice from half a lemon to stimulate your digestion.
12. Follow the 80%/20% rule – eat healthily 80% of the time.
13. Eat mindfully – focus on your meal not your gadgets and chew your food until it is mush.  After all your stomach doesn’t have teeth!
14. Exercise or move – start with a 5 minute walk per day and work up to 20 minutes per day.
15. Include spices like cinnamon, and cayenne pepper, which have potential weight loss benefits.

Samantha is a registered nutritional therapist (CNHC & BANT) with a keen interest in womens health, digestive issues and stress management. Her approach is in line with Functional Medicine, which focuses on the client, looking to re-balance all components that lead to optimum health. These components include diet, lifestyle, exercise, genetics and medical history. More information can also be found on Samantha's website http://www.eaternalhealth.co.uk/


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