Acupuncture and Children - A winning combination for good health

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Acupuncture and Children - A winning combination for good health

24th October 2013 03:36 PM

Author: Sue Whalley-Lloyd

As a traditional acupuncturist I first came across treating children with needles and moxa during my degree, but little did I think that I would later undertake an additional qualification so that I could specifically treat children or that I would so enjoy working with children.

My inspiration came from treating an 11-year old boy who was strugging with tics (rapid involuntary muscle contrations or verbal utterances). I was able to help in this case and it made me want to know more.  What other illnesses or problems could be treated? Could younger children be helped? Were there better ways of treating? How should young children be needled when they were not able to sit still?  All these questions needed answering and motivated me to sign up for a 10 week module with a truly inspirational teacher and practitioner, Julian Scott.

Before long I was hooked!  I extended my 10 week course to a year long diploma.  We learnt different needling techniques so that needles did not need to be left in young children for as long as they are with adults.  We learnt about the use of moxa, tuina (medical massage) and acupressure and we covered issues such as diet and lifestyle so we can provide advice and support the parents.  We observed successful treatment of asthma, sickness and diarohhea, pre and post immunisations, epilepsy, glandular fever, ear infections, sleep problems, bed wetting and the list is endless!  

I recently worked with a three year old boy who suffered with constant ear and chest infections and this is what his mum had to say about it - "Sue put lots of time and energy into making Seth feel relaxed and he so enjoyed his acupuncture that he asks me all the time now when he is going to see Sue again! The Acupuncture really helped him with his issues and we will definately use Acupuncture again for both our children."

Just think how many people carry illness from childhood into adulhood, controlled by constant medication leading to other health issues.  How wonderful to have found a way to prevent this and help children back to health naturally.






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