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Photo of Christmas or STRESSmas?

Christmas or STRESSmas?

Christmas – festivities, families, food, fun? True, but it can be a challenging time too....... The Christmas + New Year period can be a difficult time for a lot of people. There’s loads to do, lots of demands, pressures to socialise; expectations about the perfect meal, decorations, or gift; family tensions, house guests, rampant...

Photo of Acupuncture and Children - A winning combination for good health

Acupuncture and Children - A winning combination for good health

As a traditional acupuncturist I first came across treating children with needles and moxa during my degree, but little did I think that I would later undertake an additional qualification so that I could specifically treat children or that I would so...

Photo of Possible causes and triggers of Fibromyalgia that you may not know about

Possible causes and triggers of Fibromyalgia that you may not know about

Fibromyalgia (FM) is characterised by chronic pain in muscles, joints or tendons.  It is commonly connected to chronic fatigue syndrome, as other symptoms of fatigue and sleep disturbance are presented. It can also result in a number of mental health...

Photo of Mindfulness - passing craze or here to stay?

Mindfulness - passing craze or here to stay?

So if you have not at least heard of Mindfulness then you are probably living some kind of a hermit style life and in that case you are probably already practising mindfulness so keep it up. Mind you if you are doing that you are probably not living a life that involves facebook, mobile phones or blogs and so will never see this blog...

Photo of Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness. The delight of being pregnant can soon be hampered by feelings of morning sickness, which can affect 8 out of 10 women who experience nausea or vomiting. For some women they may feel nauseous in the morning and for others it can last all day, considerably affecting their ability to eat - let alone eat a healthy...

Photo of The reality of Reiki...

The reality of Reiki...

Reiki is still surrounded by many myths and misconceptions, here Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist & Reflexologist: Sam Jackson dispels some of the mysteries and shares the reality of this wonderful healing treatment. 'I’ve been practising Reiki for a number of years, although it is gradually becoming better known there are...

Photo of Detox - It's not Rocket Science!

Detox - It's not Rocket Science!

There are many detox diets and regimes but which is the best and do we need to do them? There is always some new mega detox diet where you stand on one leg and drizzle rainwater down your throat for a week, or some new superfood filled with amazing amounts of antioxidants that is this seasons must have food group. It can be...

Photo of BodyTalk - Healthcare designed by YOUR body

BodyTalk - Healthcare designed by YOUR body

"BodyTalk can influence virtually any part or process taking place in the human body." - James Oschman Ph.D (Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance) I have been an Osteopath for eighteen years, and in that time I have studied several other treatment modalities in my...

Photo of Staying well this winter

Staying well this winter

6 Tips on how to support your winter immunity and avoid a cold Keep well hydrated with filtered water or try warm water with lemon slices and grated fresh ginger if you have a tickly throat. Lemon juice provides a concentrated source of vitamin C, well known for its immune supporting function.  Lemon zest contains an essential...

Photo of Top tips for an easy menopause

Top tips for an easy menopause

Top Tips for an easy Menopause Menopause can present with a number of uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, weight gain, declining libido, vaginal dryness, and increased osteoporosis risk all due to fluctuating/lowering oestrogen levels. Here are a few tips on how to ease through the menopause...

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