How to communicate with your Unborn Baby

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How to communicate with your Unborn Baby

26th June 2013 02:35 PM

Author: Emma Wilkins

How Sound Healing can help Mother and Baby to bond and also help those trying to get pregnant:

I recently attended a CPD (Continual Professional Development) course on Understanding the Pre-Natal Experience and wanted to share with readers some of the insights that I came away with. I spent a deeply connecting and expansive two days with Afron Monro – author of 101 Amazing  things to know about Pregnancy. A former midwife and current Antenatal Yoga Teacher, her knowledge and practice of pre-natal and antenatal care including the labour and birthing process meant that this course was full of insightful facts based on both her experience, along with well researched anecdotal and academic research. I will touch briefly on the following two main points and then explore how Sound Healing Therapy and Reiki can support both Mother and Baby and those trying to get pregnant.

MOTHER AND BABY COMMUNICATION: based on the research from Raffai & Hidas, a conversation is set up between the mother and baby and the baby seems very capable of communicating in amazing detail. A strong psychic link between them both means the foetus is only too aware of what is going on for the mother, how the mother feels about it and what is going on in other close relationships. This can have an impact on the developing baby’s emotional and physical well-being and can be a contributing factor to characteristics and belief patterns of the baby’s development into child and adulthood. Marie-Claire Busnel has done research on revealing changes in foetal  movements activity – notably practice breathing and heartbeat in relation to when the mother was thinking about something else or reading a paper, thinking about their baby or thinking a thought to them in the form of dialogue. So this evidences that the unborn baby knows when their mother is connecting to and with them and one benefit of this may be a calmer and more contented baby.

WHAT ELSE TRANSFERS BETWEEN MOTHER AND BABY? It is well known that foetus can absorb toxins introduced to them via the Mother’s blood through the placenta. However, high cortisol (the hormone produced from strong feelings of stress and anxiety) levels in the Mother, can have physical and emotional effects on the unborn baby. On a physical level, neurological pathways can develop to adapt to consistent surges of cortisol resulting in the potential for an anxious baby. On an emotional level, psychological belief systems may be transferred from the mother to the baby that are not actually theirs.

HOW CAN SOUND HEALING and REIKI HELP IN PREGNANCY? When using either or both practices in a therapy session, the healing intention should help to shift emotional and physical blockages and leave you feeling relaxed and calm – as well as baby who will be enjoying a raise in your serotonin levels. A session can offer a space to connect, talk and bond with your baby on many levels. If you have experienced trauma or high stress within your pregnancy, it can offer an opportunity for reparation by creating a dialogue with your baby to offer reassurance. The session can potentially support healing for baby and reduce the ‘transference’ discussed above.  Sound Touch is the first sense to develop in the unborn baby at around 6 weeks, the baby will be able to feel feel experiencing both the sound and the healing energetic vibration too as it is surrounded in a highly conductive sack of embryonic fluid, as early as 14 weeks the baby begins to benefit by hearing the sound too.


The course highlighted both the physical, emotional and symbolic importance of creating an inviting, healthy and welcoming environment for a new baby to implant and grow in. For those women who have or are undergoing varying degrees of invasive investigative procedures and fertility treatment, a session can offer an opportunity to support visualising that healthy environment. Through the process of entrainment, (when an object changes its vibratory rate to that of an applied external source, ie SOUND) residual energies from often painful and traumatic fertility investigations and procedures have the opportunity to be dispersed and re-balanced. But most of all a session can give you a space to help prepare yourself emotionally for inviting motherhood into your life.

On a final note, to those women who are carrying and growing their babies, continue to talk to them, continue to make and take time for yourself and most importantly relax and enjoy the creativity that pregnancy naturally brings to your life.

With warmth wishes

Emma – Sound Healing Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.

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