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BodyTalk - Healthcare designed by YOUR body

26th June 2014 12:08 PM

Author: Gerry Hale

"BodyTalk can influence virtually any part or process taking place in the human body." - James Oschman Ph.D (Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance)

I have been an Osteopath for eighteen years, and in that time I have studied several other treatment modalities in my search for ever better treatment outcomes. When I came across BodyTalk, and I was so impressed with the results and the philosophy that I trained and gained my professional Certificate in the same year.

Through the BodyTalk system it is possible to effortlessly make links on all 4 levels of human experience, that is, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Whenever you experience a physical dysfunction for example, pain, sprain, fracture, indigestion, there will always be some degree of varying input from the other 3 levels, and in fact the physical level is often the least important of the four. We are well aware of high blood pressure being associated with stress, for example emotional distress or conflicts over beliefs and attitudes. But this is true of all dysfunctions. It is said that there is no such thing as an accident...

So if you focus on addressing only the physical aspect of a dysfunction, repair may be very slow or only temporary, when other levels may need to be addressed in the treatment.

One of my patients presented with vertigo that began 4 months before. She was only able to walk around clinging to husband, or furniture or walls; she was nauseous, frustrated and miserable because she couldn’t get on with anything. Medical investigations showed nothing wrong except some loss of hearing in one ear.

Working osteopathically at the physical level made about 20% improvement, and there were daily fluctuations in severity of symptoms. After some discussion on underlying issues, she agreed for us to use the BodyTalk approach and through the session she was able to make links with:

1)      various family tensions and situations that she had passively accepted responsibility for because she felt she couldn’t say no

2)      behind this scenario was a huge burden of guilt arising from several years beforehand, after selling her mother’s house soon after mother went into a nursing home.  (Mother had been clinging onto the hope that she would return home to live). Mother died soon after being told about the house sale.

3)  There had also been a period when she had been “banging my head against a brick wall” in relation to a very stressful situation with a daughter’s ex-husband!

Once she was able to let go of the guilt, my patient began to stand up for herself in respect to others’ demands upon her, and to set boundaries; this improved her posture and vitality. With brilliant support from her husband, she has been able to let go of “the role of being responsible for everything”, and has developed a new lease of life. She clearly sees now the role of stress/distress in triggering vertigo symptoms. The vertigo itself virtually disappeared after one BodyTalk session. She reported to me three months later that the symptoms haven't returned.

I use BodyTalk to work successfully with many different conditions and complaints. You can see me at The Bridge Centre in Mickleover.  Do get in touch if you are now wondering whether BodyTalk may be able to help you.  For further information on BodyTalk you can vist the BodyTalk website.

Gerry Hale


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