Helping people reconnect with themselves

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Helping people reconnect with themselves

15th February 2016 01:10 PM

Author: Katya Everatt

Does constant stimulation and stress in our lives mean we forget to pause and 'check back in'???

We live in a world where we can reach over thousands of miles away instantly, with a click of a button. The great opportunities brought to us by global connectivity, powered by technological progress, are indisputible. Nevertheless, i hear more and more concerns about how our modern advancements often leave us completely disconnected from ourselves, family and friends. 

Re-connecting with oneself means pausing and tuning out all the daily distractions of life, bringing ourselves to a quiet place and trying to achieve clarity of mind through listening to the body. It takes constant practice and dedication, but the resulting calmness and clarity is worth the effort. 

I was really encouraged by the level of connectivity that we managed to create at our first Thai Massage for Couples, Friends and Family workshop that we held at the Bridge Centre in Mickleover in November 2015. 

Most of the participants had not experienced giving massage or had any previous training. They discovered that massaging is not just a series of physical movements that can be routinely followed. They had to listen and feel their partner's breathing and concentrate on their physical response, as well as learn how to give sensitive touch, relax hands, wrists and use body weight instead of muscular strength.

The transformation that we witnessed was short of amazing! After the initial difficulties that new learners often experience (focusing on understanding the instructions and grappling with new concepts) our couples really started to get it. Thai massage has a deep meditative quality. By concentrating on a sensitive caring touch, both giver and receiver are able to let go of their worries and stress, discovering a whole array of new sensations. We could see faces relaxing and movements becoming more assured and fluid. The technique of focusing on your partner's breathing and synchronising it with your own is excellent for re-connecting with your 'inner self' and your physical body, bringing a profound calm. It also works on creating and reinforcing a deep positive bond with your partner. 

The best way to describe the experience would be to use the participants' own words. In their feedbacks they talked about how much they 'enjoyed working in a supportive and friendly environment', 'felt really calm, balanced and uplifted afterwards' and reported feeling 'energy flow' throughout the workshop. They loved focusing on the sensation accompanying giving and receiving the treatment.

One of the participants went as far as to say that the day 'changed the way i should listen to my body and my wife!'.

i'm sure the latter was very pleased about that.

If you would like to re-connect with yourself, your partner, or learn techniques you can share with family and friends that can bring deeper connection to all concerned, then please come to our next workshop on the 6th of March 2016, contact the Bridge Centre on 01332 521 270 for more information 

Katya Everatt is a fully qualified massage therapist, with 5years experience. Katya now focuses on Thai Yoga Massage, as she feels it is most beneficial for people with mobility and stress related health issues. She also offers Hot Lava Shell Massage for relaxation and stress relief.


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