Maternity Acupuncture

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Maternity Acupuncture

17th May 2016 11:43 AM

Author: Sue Whalley-Lloyd

For those of you pregnant ladies out there, who are experiencing health related issues and have been told to 'just get on with it' as conventional medicine is unable to help, well, here is some very important news:

Women in New Zealand are being successfully supported for morning sickness, heartburn, headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, stress, depression, oedema, carpal tunnel syndrome, pubis symphysis pain, back pain, bleeding, haemorrhoids, vulval varicosities, varicose veins and abnormal blood pressure by midwives who have trained in acupuncture.

This training has been given by Debra Betts, a New Zealand nurse, maternity acupuncturist and author - to name a few of her qualifications. I was lucky to attend her first course in the UK last year. Since then i have introduced acupuncture support for some of these conditions into my clinic.

This year i attended with another therapist from The Bridge Centre, and, yes, it was worth me going again! Great updates to the scientific evidence and new midwife case studies, clearly supporting the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to maternity acupuncture.

So now, with two of us trained and ready to support you, we can extend what we are offering to cover all those small and large problems that can occur during pregnancy including the above but also, threatened miscarriage, small for date babies, breech presentation and pre-birth preparation (this is introduced from 36weeks to reduce the chance of complications and interventions during labour).

We also learnt about 'The Golden Month' (4weeks post labour or 6weeks post caesarean), a time when you need to be taken care of so that in turn you can take care of your baby and yes, once again, we can help - for example with milk let down, breast feeding, mastitis, baby blues, fatigue, perineal healing, urination, after pains and oedema....

Based on the midwife experience of using acupuncture for all these conditions in New Zealand, plus ongoing worldwide research, evidence from studies and trials, we know that Acupuncture given by qualified acupuncturists is safe to use for you and your baby.

Some of you reading this may already use acupuncture as a regular health benefit, or acupuncture may have helped you during your fertility journey. But, for others, acupuncture may not have crossed your minds. So let me reassure you, maternity acupuncture is available for you all and may be able to provide relief from common ailments that conventional medicine has been unable to assist with.

If you would like to book an appointment with Sharon Waltho or would like any more information about how treatment may benefit you then call The Bridge Centre on 01332 521 270.

Happy Pregnancy

Sue Whalley-LLoyd

PS new training course coming soon....... Acupressure for pain relief during late pregnancy and labour!


Treatments: Acupuncture

Practitioners: Sue Whalley-Lloyd, Sharon Waltho

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