New Year and MOSAICS - NEW year, new YOU???

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New Year and MOSAICS - NEW year, new YOU???

21st December 2015 04:37 PM

Author: Mark Clutton

2018 is looming  - New Year, new you? Ready to make those resolutions  - because this year is going to be different for you isn’t it?

Or is it? 

Too often we make New Year Resolutions without really thinking or reflecting on what we really want to change.  Frequently our resolutions emerge from frustration, envy, anger, being pushed into something by someone else.

Consequently we set ourselves ambitious resolutions that within a few weeks or months are dwindling and failing, because they aren’t sustained by our mindset, which hasn’t changed.  We lose focus, the resolutions become unsustainable.

We then might feel that we aren’t in control of our lives or that we can’t change.

So why not apply the Law of Small Things – ie small things, when consistently repeated, and done with intent, make big differences.  This is true of both positive and negative things.

So if we repeatedly criticise or limit ourselves using our inner voice – “you are stupid” “you can’t”  “you don’t deserve that” – over a period we believe it, and it becomes our default, limiting position.

The reverse is equally true – when we believe that we are worthy, that we can do something, that we are capable, that we can come through -  they too become core beliefs and we respond accordingly.

We all know that a mosaic picture is made up of many small pieces which, when put together, make something much more powerful than the individual parts.


So when thinking about resolutions for 2018 think MOSAIC

M - MEANINGFUL  - changes have to be really meaningful to you, not a token gesture. 

O – OBJECTIVE  -  the changes need to lead to a definite, tangible objective, eg I want to be a dress size smaller by June, I’ll overcome my spider phobia by April.

S – SUSTAINABLE  - something we can keep doing on a frequent basis, preferably daily.  So do things which can be easily incorporated into our routines

A – ACHIVEABLE -  don’t be limited, but be real. Know your capacity + limits. Going to the gym 3 times a week probably isn’t sustainable.

I – IDENTFY + INTENT + INSCRIBE– do things with real intention, which means thinking & clearly identifying about what we really want to achieve. Then putting our full honest intention behind it. Inscribe - write it down where you’ll keep seeing it.

C – COMPASSIONATE + CUMULATIVE –Change takes time and energy, results may take time  - be compassionate to yourself.  Don’t keep flogging yourself – there will be days when we can’t do something for a good reason. It’s not a disaster – we can always pick it up on another day. Being kind to yourself isn’t being soft or giving up.

Sometimes in order to achieve our goal we need some support from someone – friend, practitioner etc, actively seek out that support.


So make small focused changes – for what we focus on becomes our reality.

Have a successful 2018!


Mark Clutton is an experienced Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner, who offers a free 30minute consultation.

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