Top Tips to Keep to Your Healthy Regime Whilst on Holiday

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Top Tips to Keep to Your Healthy Regime Whilst on Holiday

12th July 2016 09:59 AM

Author: Samantha Farmer

Top Tips to Keep to Your Healthy Regime Whilst on Holiday

At the beginning of the year we often make changes to our diets and exercise routines with the aim to improve the way we feel and the way we look.  All is going well and then the holidays come up.  It is difficult to maintain our new routines and eating habits when we are away from home, but here are some top tips to help you keep on track.

1 Set a goal for the holiday - like swimming daily in the pool or sea for a half hour, or walking after dinner in the evening.  Perfect for seeing the sunset!

2 Only have a full English breakfast one day per week.  Watch out for continental breakfasts that can be high in carbohydrates and saturated fats.  Select eggs, salmon, fruits, natural yogurt, or porridge instead.

3 If staying in a hotel, check out the sample menu online before you go, and make meal selections that fit in with your healthy eating plan, so you are not caught out when you arrive.

4 Take snacks with you like a bag of nuts or seeds.  Pick up a piece of fruit at the breakfast buffet to snack on later with a few nuts.  Don't forget to wash fruit before eating.

5 Have a carafe of water on the table at meal times and sip water between each sip of wine.  You'll drink less alcohol and remain hydrated!

6  Choose mixed salads for starters or for lunch and have a piece of protein like fresh caught fish, or chicken with it.

7 Make your own lunch or picnic when travelling.  This way you can control what you eat and avoid the less healthy choices on offer.

8  Don't forget to chew your food until it is mush.  This will be much easier on your digestive system. Pack your favourite probiotic supplement to aid your digestion and to support your immune system whilst you are away.

9 Be mindful when making food choices - do you really want the high fat, high sugar ice cream on offer, particularly as you had one yesterday and didn't feel so good after? Don't be persuaded by others who say 'Go on, it won't hurt you!' You know better!

10 Top-up on your vitamin D levels by getting about 15 minutes of sunshine per day on bare skin before applying your sun protection. Increasing your vitamin D levels, if they are low, has been shown to support weight loss!

Finally, if you do over-indulge, then don't worry, forgive yourself and move on.  You are on holiday after-all.  Enjoy!

Samantha is a registered nutritional therapist (CNHC & BANT) with a keen interest in womens health, digestive issues and stress management. For more information on Nutritional Therapy or to book an appointment with Samantha, please call 01332 521 270 or via our contact form

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