Top tips for keeping calm this Christmas - Use your SENSES!

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Top tips for keeping calm this Christmas - Use your SENSES!

13th December 2017 11:26 AM

Author: Leanne Farrell

Top tips for keeping calm this Christmas: Use your SENSES!

As the song says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” – yeah right I hear you shout! ….My online order has been delayed, the kids no longer want the toy they’ve been after for the other 11months of the year!, and if I see another advert for pre-season sales…..

So; how do we keep calm during what can be a fraught festive season? Here are a few tips that can be used where ever you are as the only equipment you need is YOU! Or and your senses….

  • Touch – Whether it’s the silky lining of your winter coat, or the knitted weave of your snuggly scarf – allow yourself a few moments just to concentrate on the texture, how it feels between your fingers, is it smooth or rough, warm or cold, does it conjure an image in your imagination?
  • Taste – Allow yourself a little treat; a chocolate, a sweet, your favourite winter warmer – focus on how it feels to taste, imagine you’re exploring the flavour for the very first time – how is it? does it make your mouth water? Does it melt quickly or do you need to chew it? Does it taste like you imagined? Or are there new flavours within it you’ve never noticed before? what memory does it evoke? Allow yourself to emerse in that memory for a brief moment and notice the positive feelings it creates
  • Sight – Look around you and notice 5 positive things you see. For example, it could be an old couple holding hands, a small child laughing as they splash in puddles, the way the branches of the tree sway in the breeze, the cloud looks like an elephant -you get the idea! So what’s the point – life is so blumming hectic, we lose a sense of our surroundings, we forget to notice the beauty around us in our need to get the to-do list complete. Sometimes taking time to notice the simple things around us, helps to ground us, reconnect us with the here and now – it won’t make the shopping list magically disappear, but it might help us tackle it with a smile on our festive faces!
  • Smell - Go outside and breathe some fresh air – allow the cold winter air to fill your lungs and entire body with a sense of cooling calm. What can you smell? The smell of chimneys – evoking the sense of cosy fires, Is there a fragrance in the air? The smell of the Christmas trees and wreaths, the smell of chocolates and cinnamon, rain on wet grass? Allow your whole body to soak in the amazing smells around you. Visualise each breath in spreading calm throughout your body from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes, each breath out releasing any stresses and tensions.
  • Sound – Last but by no means least – sound! We all know that music can carry us off into our amazing memories; our favourite bands reminding us of our first kiss, the first concert we went to, or the adventures that at times feel a distant memory. So; at times of angst this Christmas; don’t forget to put on your favourite song, the sprouts can wait – allow yourself to sing and dance and let go! And yes – maybe that isn’t ideal in the middle of the supermarket! But if you’re out and about just focus in on a few sounds around you; the innocent giggles of children in awe of Christmas, the sound of the wind whistling through the trees, the melodic chatter of couples doing the shopping to the soundtrack of footsteps along the ground.

Distracting the mind however briefly, can support your wellbeing by lowering your heartrate and blood pressure, allowing a little space and distance from the current stressful situation, which will hopefully allow you to reassess, re-equip and re-energise and enjoy the Christmas Festivities. 

Leanne is a qualified hypnotherapist and is currently training to be a psychotherapeutic counsellor. Leanne has a particular interest in supporting mental health diagnoses, anxiety based disorders and addictive behaviours, having worked in a rehabilitation setting for a number of years.

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