Why learn about Reiki

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Why learn about Reiki

13th June 2014 12:13 PM

Author: Emma Wilkins

Why learn about Reiki?

What will I get out of it? What will the investment be? Can I afford it? Have I got time?...

I don’t know anything about energy work – what can I expect? My focus isn’t on anything Spiritual - can I still do it?  What exactly is it?...

These are just a few of the questions I have been asked and heard about people asking themselves over the decade I’ve been involved with using and teaching about Reiki Energy Healing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy based healing system that EVERYONE can access and utilise for themselves as well as learn to channel to promote the healing benefits for others.

Why learn about Reiki?

  • You may be someone who wants to start learning a complementary therapy to offer friends/family with a view to treating professionally in the future.
  • You may already be working as a therapist and want to develop a new skill.
  • You may be interested in Energy work and want to learn more for Personal and/or Spiritual development.
  • You may have heard about Reiki or experienced a session and want to learn the self-healing techniques to treat yourself.
  • Or you may have no idea why you feel drawn to learning about Reiki but are open to seeing what it’s all about and how it can benefit you. 

Someone asked me recently if I knew anything about Reiki or had any treatments before I trained. The answer was no – hardly anything... having only experienced one session before signing up to train. I remember coming out of that very first  treatment literally feeling as if I was walking on air – and the positive benefit of this treatment lasted for days. I continued to feel uplifted in mood, digestive issues I’d been experiencing cleared up and my mental focus and confidence felt sharp and strong. I remember thinking at the time... WOW... what is this energy? HOW on earth can it leave me feeling so connected with such a strong sense of well-being?

When I attended a Reiki Level One course a few months later – I was given the tools to channel and access this energy for myself. I was also given the motivation to practice and develop connecting and working with this energy so I could feel the continued benefit.

I came away with various meditation, visualisation and self-healing treatment routines to use and practice with – something you will come away with too.

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