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Photo of New Year and MOSAICS - NEW year, new YOU???

New Year and MOSAICS - NEW year, new YOU???

21st December 2015 04:37 PM - Mark Clutton

2018 is looming  - New Year, new you? Ready to make those resolutions  - because this year is going to be different for you isn’t it? Or is it?  Too often we make New Year Resolutions without really thinking or reflecting on what we really want to...

Photo of How do I know if I am grieving properly?

How do I know if I am grieving properly?

21st December 2015 01:39 PM - Franca Hood

"How do I know I'm grieving properly?" is a question a client asked me last week.  How do we grieve properly? What is proper grief?  I'm a cognitive hypnotherapist, and I don't know the answer to that.  I'm happy to admit that I don't know the answer...

Photo of Christmas or STRESSmas?

Christmas or STRESSmas?

1st December 2015 03:40 PM - Mark Clutton

Christmas – festivities, families, food, fun? True, but it can be a challenging time too....... The Christmas + New Year period can be a difficult time for a lot of people. There’s loads to do, lots of demands, pressures to socialise; expectations...

Photo of Top Tips for a Healthy Bladder

Top Tips for a Healthy Bladder

26th November 2015 03:09 PM - Emily Sturt

When that pesky bladder keeps interrupting your's some advice for helping to CONTROL and RE-TRAIN the overactive bladder.... The symptoms of an overactive bladder include: FREQUENCY - Having to pass urine more than 7 times in 24 hours,...

Photo of Is your bladder taking the P? ........... You are not alone!!

Is your bladder taking the P? ........... You are not alone!!

29th October 2015 02:51 PM - Emily Sturt

"don't make me laugh I'll wet myself" (nervous laughter); "let me just pop to the loo before I leave" (hmmmm I better had just in case); "eeeeeek where on earth are the toilets" (cue feelings of total panic); "you're going again? ..... but you have only...

Photo of How does your Fertility path look?

How does your Fertility path look?

2nd September 2015 10:40 AM - Franca Hood

The path to fertility is unique for every one.  Not only because of the variety of different avenues it can take, but because every person's perception of each different avenue and pathway is different.  A long road of opportunity to one person may be...

Photo of Heart Centred and Proud

Heart Centred and Proud

18th August 2015 12:43 PM - Katy Henry

It is true, I have a new addiction.  It is Facebook Groups.  Mainly female entrepreneur focussed Facebook groups and I love them.  Never have I known on such a scale, female camaraderie.  The discussion, connection, support, love and celebration is...

Photo of Isn't Reiki just for Relaxation??

Isn't Reiki just for Relaxation??

6th August 2015 01:14 PM - Emma Wilkins

A blog exploring the myth that Reiki is just for relaxation and why Energy work can be so effective for your Natural Health...... When it comes to myths and natural healing, we have inherited many anecdotal cures and natural remedies for conditions.

Photo of Does your Mind control your waistline?

Does your Mind control your waistline?

2nd July 2015 10:28 AM - Sally Race

Do you want to eat healthily but find you can only manage it for a while? Do you find that you can lose weight only to find it creeps back on (and often a little more besides)? You are not alone and there is a reason why this happens. Actually there are...

Photo of What is Angelic Reiki?

What is Angelic Reiki?

29th June 2015 10:48 AM - Sally Anne Marler

Angelic Reiki is a form of energy healing, working hand in hand with the Angels to cleanse, heal and balance your energy on a physical, emotional or mental level. Angelic Reiki infuses both the Usui and Shamballa Reiki lineages and combines it with the...

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