5 Simple Ways to De-Stress

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5 Simple Ways to De-Stress

30th June 2014 03:28 PM

Author: Sally Race

Many of us turn to junk food or drink to relieve stress but there are better and healthier ways to de-stress and feel better.......

  1. Go for a walk - even if its just for 10 minutes around the block , the increased blood flow flushes through your system and can help to decrease blood pressure and clear and calm the mind.
  2. Meditate - this is a longer term strategy and can help you to cope better which challenging siturations that would have stressed you. There are meditation and mindfulness classes available here at The Bridge Centre.
  3. Its good to talk - whether it be a friend, family member or a counsellor or hypnotherapist talking through situations with the right person and focusing on solutions, not just the problem can help you to feel more in control.
  4. Get enough sleep - Everything is more manageable when you have had a good nights sleep. Problems sleeping? Don't leave it more than a few weeks before taking action to get back into a normal sleep pattern.  It is still changeable if left longer but just takes a little longer to rectify.
  5. Increase your activity levels - regular physical activity is an amazing stress reliever. Why not join a class, club or group and make it a social thing too?


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