Aromatherapy and Self-Care by Massage Therapist: Ally Warwick

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Aromatherapy and Self-Care by Massage Therapist: Ally Warwick

6th March 2019 10:16 AM

Author: Ally Warwick

I’m one of the massage therapists here (at the Bridge Centre) and I particularly love doing aromatherapy massage! I believe that the gentle touch involved, combined with a specific and personalised blend of essential oils can have a profound effect on a client’s wellbeing and can help with healing on an emotional as well as a physical level.

The power of touch is so powerful and goes beyond our understanding, and we use it so little compared to other cultures! Even if we just touch someone's arm when we're talking to them, we're saying we care about them and we want them to know we care.

Essential oils have so many amazing properties, and smells in themselves can evoke all sorts of emotions and memories. I particularly love using Jasmine, Neroli and Ylang Ylang essential oils in my blends for clients who I feel would particularly benefit from these as they all have properties which can help depression, stress, anxiety and sadness.

Many of us can be affected by stress, and sometimes go through other difficult times causing grief or trauma, which can affect us deeply on every level. During these times I believe it is so important to practice self-care, such as having a massage, and doing all we can to look after ourselves - like we would with anyone else we care about!

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