Does your Mind control your waistline?

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Does your Mind control your waistline?

2nd July 2015 10:28 AM

Author: Sally Race

Do you want to eat healthily but find you can only manage it for a while? Do you find that you can lose weight only to find it creeps back on (and often a little more besides)?

You are not alone and there is a reason why this happens. Actually there are a few reasons.

We develop habits as children which become ingrained over time. We also have a set of beliefs about ourselves, our body and our abilities. Those beliefs, thought patterns and habits are what create our food behaviours and food desires.

We can make temporary changes for a while, but if we are not willing to change our beliefs, thought patterns and habits then our behaviour will revert back to where it was previously, and so will the number on the scales (and often a little more besides).

So, I hear you ask, "how do I change my beliefs, thought patterns and habits?"

There are a number of ways to do this, but first you have to make a decision to let go of worrying about the number on the scales for at least while and focus instead on changing your 'mind'. Weight loss will come a consequence.

What are your current beliefs about your weight? About certain foods and drinks? About your size and shape?

Do any of the following ring true for you? "I'm big boned, just like my Mum/Grandma", "its a genetic thing", "I hardly eat anything, I don't know why I am this size", "I can't waste food that I have paid for" etc etc

These things that we say or think often reveal our beliefs about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves becomes true for us, our subconscious mind will make it happen.

Take the first statement for example, this indicates that the person believes they can never be slim as their bone structure won't allow it, or if they were to be slim they would not look any good.

To change your beliefs you first have to recognise them and then challenge them. So for that same statement you would challenge it on the basis of evidence. Is there any evidence that your bones are bigger that any other person. Have you had an x-ray and received medical confirmation of this? Or is it something you believe to be true because you were told it as a childby an adult who was porbably told the same thing by her mother when she was a child?

An interesting fact though is that your bones renew themselves every 10-years and in that time they do adjust to your bodily intake of nutrients and your weight. So it is true to say that if you put on weight and keep that weight on your body then over time your bones will in face become more dense in order to support the increased load.

So write down your beliefs about food and your weight and shape and begin to challenge them. It can be good to ask someone you trust to be kind and supportive to help you with this, to gently play devil's advocate if you like.

You can also reveal those thoughts and beliefs and challenge and change them using hypnotherapy. I offer FREE 30 minute consultations if you would like to chat a little about how this might work for you.







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