The funny side of the Feet!

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The funny side of the Feet!

3rd July 2013 11:44 AM

Author: Gina Hinks

Would you let a complete stranger touch your feet?

Well its what my clients do when they come into my treatment room at The Bridge Centre. The room is probably not what they were expecting.  Most people envisage a treatment room with a couch and oils burning etc.  My room is like a small sitting room with music playing and a choice of easy chairs.  I like to think its like going into a friends house for a coffee/tea/herbal something or other and a chat, but...... and this is where it all changes; how many friends say "put your feet up and lets do reflexology"?  It starts with a chat, tell me all about whats bothering you, as much or as little as you need to tell me.  Then let me rub/fiddle/twiddle..... (it has been labelled in many ways) your feet. 

Its gentle, its soothing, its enlightening.  I can pick up on what your body is trying to tell you is wrong and ease some of that tension/pain away.  Its not magic but it is magical how a very gentle manipulation of your feet can make you feel like you are walking on air.

A lot of people worry about what their feet look like but please don't.  Feet have a job to do and we put a lot of stress and strain through our poor souls - oops Freudian slip I meant to type 'soles', and we give them very little attention in return.

Reflexology is not purely about feet.  It is about treating the rest of your body from your feet.  Its about giving yourself permission to improve your health and its also about giving yourself time to sit and talk about whats bothering you whilst having your feet rubbed.  Now that cannot be bad for you.  In fact it is my idea of bliss!

Gina Hinks, Reflexologist


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