Heart Centred and Proud

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Heart Centred and Proud

18th August 2015 12:43 PM

Author: Katy Henry

It is true, I have a new addiction.  It is Facebook Groups.  Mainly female entrepreneur focussed Facebook groups and I love them.  Never have I known on such a scale, female camaraderie.  The discussion, connection, support, love and celebration is fabulous.....

Today, as with the majority of times I feel compelled to change the direction of my day to write a blog, I have been ‘triggered’ by a post in one such group.  I love it when I get all passionate, that the thoughts in my head are barely able to assemble themselves before they trip up over themselves tumbling out of my mouth!  So today's innocuous question was “Are you a Heart Centred Entrepreneur?”  It was met with some thoughts that it was an overused term (most probably), but it got me thinking about what I do and why I do it…  So ladies and gentlemen I'm going to share my (apparently very strong) feelings on why I do what I do and why it’s so important to me that it remains ‘Heart Centred’…

It is no secret that I have found it hard to function well emotionally at certain points in my life.  I am forever grateful that I was introduced to Five Element Acupuncture.  I celebrate even more that I chose to train and become an acupuncturist.  It’s brought purpose, passion and pleasure to my life.  I love that from becoming a practitioner at The Bridge Centre for Natural Health, I became one of the owners of an amazing natural healthcare business.  I love that what I have learned about Chinese Medicine, allows me to speak from my heart, safely and with love.

Becoming a heart centred acupuncturist wasn’t a conscious decision.  It's who I am and what came very naturally to me.  However, when I became responsible for the Bridge Centre for Natural Health, I very deliberately wanted to develop it as a ‘business with heart’.  The very heart of the business was to care for others and do so lovingly.  To offer Complementary Therapies to people who wanted to improve their health and well-being, sometimes through choice and sometimes through necessity.  So I set the very clear vision of what I wanted the founding Bridge Centre and future Bridge Centres to stand for.  We are a people business, as I would argue are all businesses.  We are about people, and as such it is important that it serves all the people who invest in it, with their time, energy and money.   The vision is that Bridge Centres all serve those who are involved and connected with it.

The Bridge Centre for Natural Health stands to serve:

  • The Clients that choose to come for Complementary Therapies knowing they will receive the best possible care that is appropriately priced.
  • That Complementary Therapy Practitioners who  are able to build a business in their chosen field, whilst being supported and are part of a larger group of like-minded individuals to which we are able to cross-refer to and provide the best possible service to our Clients.
  • A workplace where staff are able to come and feel valued in a nurturing environment and be involved in a business which operates with purpose and passion.
  • The shareholders who invest their time and money are rewarded ethically and financially.   

We have a big heart.  People matter, their health and wellbeing matter, connection matters.  We are building and nurturing relationships.  We want the very best for you.  In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the Emperor and everything works for the good of the heart.  Nourishing ourselves and looking after the heart of a person or a business, for me is the key to a long, happy and fulfilling life.

I am happy that I get to stand up and be proud that my businesses are ‘heart centred’.  To live a life where you are connected to your passions, your joy and love for life, not only helps you and your wellbeing, it helps those around you and ripples out into the world having a positive impact along the way…  What could be more perfect than that? Xx

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