How the The Bridge Centre has helped me with my Grief

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How the The Bridge Centre has helped me with my Grief

18th March 2013 07:35 PM

Author: Jo Taylor

My daughter Alice died in 2006 aged 21 months old.

She had been born with a rare medical condition which meant that for the first six months of her life we lived in hospitals and for the rest we were in an out of hospitals whilst she underwent various operations and medical procedures.  I was pregnant when she died with my son Robin and have since had Seth as well.  I love my life as a Mum and a Fitness Instructor and as Development Manager at The Bridge Centre and I have come a long way from the dark days of intense grief following Alice's death.  I still have low times and sad times and anniversaries are hard but I am often happy and nearly always pretty content.  But I bless the day that I came to work at The Bridge Centre because there are people here who have helped me enourmously to process my grief physically and mentally and to whome I know I can turn to if I hit a difficult patch.  Our grief is as individual as our lives and no two journeys are the same but I am moved to share what has helped me in case it can be of help to others.  Mel Pickering who I see for Acupuncture and Deep Tissue massage helped me to move grief which had become stuck in my body and to keep me physically well and able to enjoy the fitness and the running which I find so important.

Hypnotherapy with Anna Felthouse helped me to let go of an unhappy memory from my childhood which had been holding me back but more importantly for me she did a very special session in which under hypnosis I was able to say goodbye to Alice in a way I had not been able to do properly in the intensive care setting in which she died. For others Reiki and Sound Healing may be therapeutic, or Crystal Therapy or BodyTalk.  Talking therapies can be be so helpful and those who do not want to talk can experience the healing power of touch through massage or Reflexology.  But what is important is that you find healthy ways to process your grief because it is powerful and if it gets stuck we can become unwell and increasingly unhappy when we all deserve to be well and happy and to live our lives in ways which honour the memory of the people we have lost. 

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