How does your Fertility path look?

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How does your Fertility path look?

2nd September 2015 10:40 AM


The path to fertility is unique for every one.  Not only because of the variety of different avenues it can take, but because every person's perception of each different avenue and pathway is different.  A long road of opportunity to one person may be a short cul-de-sac to another.

It's true to say that as a hypnotherapist, many clients come to me as a 'last resort' when they feel that they have tried everything else, and still find themselves somehow stuck.  This is often the case with clients I see who are on their fertility journey, and one of the main questions I am asked is "Is it ok that I feel like this?"  My answer is always that your feelings are your own, made up of a unique lifetime of experiences, and that it is ok to feel however you feel.  I find that some ladies feel guilty about trying again after a miscarriage, or anxious that they may have another miscarriage.  Both of these feelings are absoultely normal.  

For many people, from a very young age, you are taught to hide your feelings, and pretend that everything is ok.  What we often find in life, is that everything is not ok, and there are times when that needs acknowledging, in order to move forwards in a way that is healthy and beneficial.  Pretending that everything is ok, when it's not, can be exhausting, and can in turn lead to a whole host of other issues.  Hypnosis can help you get a better understanding of your feelings, and help you manage them if you need to, and in some cases, help to heal the hurt that has caused them, but in every case, it is incredibly powerful to simply acknowledge the feelings you are having, and often, just talking them through with a therapist can help.

Many of the fertility clients I see have had some sort of diagnosis which contains the word "unexplained."  This could be "unexplained miscarriage" or "unexplained infertility" and I find that these diagnoses often leave people feeling confused, anxious and...well...unexplained!  It's such a catch-all term that it's quite difficult for people to come to terms with and get their heads around.  It also gives people a label, to which they can attach any description they wish, and I have had clients tell me that they have been left feeling invisible after such a diagnosis.  As a Fertile Body Method therapist, I encourage my clients to adopt a holistic approach to their fertility journey, and support them in creating a goal for their therapy, which is achievable, and which they have control over, before adopting a series of techniques which will restore mental, emotional and physical balance, and enhance their fertility, so that they are in the best possible condition they can be in to prepare for whatever part of the fertility journey they are on.  This could be part of a natural fertility journey, or an assisted fertility journey.  

So wherever you are on your fertility journey, be kind to yourself, acknowledge your feelings, whatever they may be, and consider how you might like your journey to look.  Just take a moment to give it some thought... Would you prefer to be on a tree lined avenue, with flowers and a breeze, or a sky-scraper lined main road, with tooting horns and smog?  The scene you set for yourself in your mind has an enormous impact on the path you walk each day.  The path may not always be smooth, but if you are in the best possible mind state, you will be far more able to manage whatever life presents you with on your unique journey.


Franca is an experienced Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Mind Coach with a broad range of expertise; specialising in Anxiety, Sexual Issues and Fertility Issues.  See her website for more details.

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