Mindfulness meditation – what can it do for me and how do I do it?

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Mindfulness meditation – what can it do for me and how do I do it?

5th February 2014 11:56 AM

Author: Sally Race

A few minutes of meditation a day could open the doors to extra time, better choices and improved health.

Meditation when practiced regularly has been shown to enable clearer thinking, better decision making and an increase in the ability to deal with difficult situations, not to mention better quality sleep.

If any of these would be a benefit to you read on...


  • Start with thinking about your body, make yourself comfortable, ideally sitting, legs uncrossed (unless you are sitting on the floor) and shoulders relaxed.
  • Now gently think about your breathing, create a steady even natural rhythm of breathing that feels comfortable to you. Notice the movement in your chest & the sound of your breath.
  • Now it’s all about your thoughts, focus on what is happening right now, allow yourself to drift sleepily while thinking about what's happening now in this very moment. Let all other thoughts drift away.
  • Maybe you will focus on what you can see, what you can hear or feel. If thoughts about things that have passed or things that may happen in the future come into your mind (and they probably will at some point), just acknowledge them, let them go & bring your focus back to your body, your breathing and then your present thoughts and awareness.
  • To get the most benefit from meditation, a few minutes daily is better than just occasionally.


Sally Race is a Hypnotherapist and co-facilitator of the Mind Your Weight Programme. https://derbyshirehypnotherapy.co.uk/

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