Osteopathic Appointment Update

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Osteopathic Appointment Update

26th May 2020 10:31 AM


Dear Osteopathy Patients

We are delighted to advise you that we are now open for osteopathic appointments, with certain exclusions. These exclusion are for people who are shielding, or being shielded and those that are either clinically very vunerable, or vunerable as described by the NHS England. These people will have been written to by the Government advising them of this earlier in the Covid 19 crisis.

Before your appointment you will be texted and asked to confirm you are well and not exhibiting any symptoms of Covid 19 and advised what to do when you arrive for your appointment. Please read the information below very carefully.

Please note: the reception desk may not be manned, so any contact regarding your appointment should be made directly to your Osteopath via text or email (contact details are at the bottom of this page).


Before attending your appointment please check that it is as safe as possible for you to do so by answering the following questions:

Do you or anyone in your household have any of the following complaints or had any of the following complaints in the last 14 days:

  • Raised temperature
  • New cough or continuous cough
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of sense of smell and/or taste
  • Feeling unwell
  • Returned from abroad in the last 14 days

 In Children:

  • Raised temperature
  • New cough or continuous cough
  • Seeming unwell in general terms

 If you or anyone in your household have any of these symptoms please let us know so we can rearrange your appointment.

If you need to rearrange your appointment we may be able to offer a Telehealth appointment to assist you in the short term, until an in person appointment becomes appropriate. These Telehealth appointments can be held over most mediums to suit you and are charged at half the usual appointment fee.

It is important for us to point out that the process of attending the centre, the appearance of the practice and the Osteopath might be slightly different from the last time you came to the centre, so just to prepare you:

  • We request that when you arrive please text your Osteopath to confirm your arrival, they will text you when you can enter the building when they are ready to start your appointment.
  • The outer door might be locked and we will unlock it to allow you into the building at your appointment time only.
  • The person answering the door might be wearing a mask and gloves.
  • The Osteopath will be wearing a face mask, face shield, disposable apron and gloves.
  • The Osteopath will check your temperature before the appointment.
  • The practice room including the treatment couch, door handles and surfaces will be disinfected between patients and the Osteopath will be changing their practice tunic with every patient for best hygiene.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided in the reception area and in the treatment room for your use.

If you want someone to attend the appointment with you, that is welcomed, but we do need to restrict that to just one person. Only children receiving treatment will be allowed in the building.

Wearing a face mask to the appointment would be encouraged, and we can provide a mask should you want one for the treatment at the cost of £2.00.

Please note: the reception desk may not be manned, so any contact regarding your appointment should be directly with your Osteopath via text or email.

Contact details for the Osteopaths:

Charles 07973 504791 or charlesdunning20@gmail.com

Rachel 07967 200179 or rachelshawosteo@gmail.com

Rob 07882 347550 or info@alignosteopathy.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming all our Osteopathy patients back into the centre over the coming weeks.

Best wishes

Charles, Rachel, and Rob


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