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30th October 2017 12:58 PM


In 2016 I began having acupuncture with Caroline to prepare me for having my second IVF egg harvest and treatment at Nurture.
Having had several frozen cycles at a previous clinic and two devastating miscarriages, I decided to try some alternative therapies to give this next cycle everything I could and hopefully alleviate some of the side effects, reduce anxiety and help give us a much anticipated positive result.
I suffer from PCOS and high natural killer cells and believed having acupuncture sessions leading up to the IVF would help reduce my symptoms and improve my chances of success. Within three sessions I found that my headaches had completely cleared and so knew I had made the right decision and felt sure other symptoms and side effects would also improve.
Caroline is so warm, friendly and professional. I always felt at ease and came away feeling relaxed and positive.
In October 2016 we began treatment at Nurture. I had pre and post transfer acupuncture to help me stay calm and positive.
I was so lucky to find out that our treatment had been successful and although a rocky early pregnancy, our miracle girl was born in July 2017.
I would definitely recommend alternative therapies before and during fertility treatment and also during the first trimester. It made me feel relaxed, positive and ready for my IVF cycle and I believe that it helped us achieve our dream and become a family.
Thank you
Hannah, Rob & Jasmine Hope

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Treatments: Acupuncture, Acupuncture for Fertility

Practitioners: Caroline Challender

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