Pregnancy Massage with Samantha Jackson

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Pregnancy Massage with Samantha Jackson

6th October 2021 09:58 AM


Pregnancy Massage with Samantha (Sam) Jackson

Sam Jackson is one of our fabulous Practitioners here at the Bridge Centre, she is with us on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

She offers a variety of treatments including Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles, Reiki and Massage. One of her most popular therapies is Pregnancy Massage.

So what exactly makes up a Pregnancy Massage? We thought we'd ask the lady herself to find out more...

Sam - what elements makes a pregnancy massage different from a 'normal' massage?

"Mainly positioning - I tend to work with ladies lying on their side and use pillows under the head, bump and between the knees."

Can any expectant Mum have a Pregnancy Massage?

"Most* expectant mums can have a pregnancy massage from 12 weeks onwards. There are some contraindications to pregnancy massage, but I go through those at the beginning of the treatment. *Definitely get verbal consent from your Midwife, GP or the consultant lead team looking after you prior to booking."

What are the benefits to the Mum-to-be? Are there any benefits to the baby?

"Regular massage throughout pregnancy can help support the changes a mum-to-be is going through both emotionally and physically. It is intended to help reduce stress, and ease pregnancy aches and pains, which may help mummy to release those feel-good hormones that are so beneficial to baby!"

"Regular massage may also aid the ability to relax during the first stage of labour and is thought to support mummy’s when breastfeeding due to the increased prolactin and mammary development."

Is there a particular stage in pregnancy where the massage is particularly beneficial?

"Because pregnancy massage can aid relaxation and calm, it may be beneficial through all stages of pregnancy (12 weeks +)."

I know that Pregnancy Massage is one of your favourite treatments - why is that?

"I love giving pregnancy massage as I feel privileged to be able to be a part of that special journey a mum-to-be is on, it’s a really special time for them, and I’m pleased to be able to enhance that in some way."

For more information contact the Bridge Team on 01332 521 270 or email;
Resource: Gateway Workshops Ltd – ‘Pregnancy Massage Diploma Course Handbook’.


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