Reflexology for Runners - The funny side of feet

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Reflexology for Runners - The funny side of feet

7th November 2017 09:43 AM

Author: Gina Hinks

I was asked recently to do reflexology at a 10k run. So after setting up a gazebo, to be honest i really wasnt expecting many runners wanting to have their feet 'fiddled' with pre-run.

As a walker i like to prepare my feet, socks and shoes so i know everything is clean, fluff and pebble free as previously i'd known the pain of blisters; not nice when training for a marathon, walk or even just a trip to the shops.

Much to my surprise we started to get busy, i wasn't alone as we also had acupressure and massage available on the day. Who wouldn't want those treatments pre-run! I on the other hand expected to be busy post run, well that certainly wasn't the case - i was busy throughout!

I asked one runner if like myself would he prefer no one else to touch his feet before a run - his reply - "good grief no", any relaxation of my feet helps my mind to relax and i enjoy the run even more, and if you're still here when i finish the run i'll be back - he was!

According to Jo Christa Taylor who runs the mindful movement yoga class at the Bridge Centre and who is also an avid runner, its all about the integrity of the feet! I agree who heartedly with that, however i also think it's about the integrity of the body. The definition of integrity is "An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting". Now who wouldn't want to experience that? Not only for the feet but mind and body in totality.

Reflexology is not purely about the feet, although the relaxation is wonderful it's about treating the rest of your body from your feet. It may help to improve your circulation which in turn helps to promote better oxygenation.

When you exercise your muscles move more vigorously then when you are at rest. Their metabolic rate increases, they need more energy so they produce more of the chemical energy molecule ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), this is fuel for your muscles. You need oxygen to produce ATP, so the more ATP you produce, the more oxygen you require. 

After exercise muscles can become fatigued, especially during long periods of exercise. One cause of this is the build up of lactic acid in the muscle. This can be removed from the muscles by blood flowing through them, so by improving the circulatory flow, lactic acid can be removed quickly. 

Reflexology encourages the body's ability to heal itself and promotes faster healing time. It can also be beneficial in assisting with injuries related to running, i.e. runners knee, shin splints, stress fractures, achilles tendonitis, muscle pull, ankle sprain and plantar fascitis. 

So to all the runners treated pre-run, i hope your P.B improved and you had a stress and injury free run. To those we treated post run, i hope your recovery time was quick and pain free.

Gina has practised Reflexology for many years as part of a lifelong interest in complimentary medicine.  She has many regular clients who come to her for her Reflexology skills as well as for her warm and empathic nature. To book an appointment with Gina, please call our Reception Team on 01332 521 270 or via our contact form.

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