What is Meditation

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What is Meditation

9th May 2018 08:46 AM


May 15th is WORLD MEDITATION DAY, and what better way to celebrate it than to stop... take a breath... and share a few thoughts on the subject with the wonderful Anita Nathan: Hatha Yoga and Meditation Practitioner...

‘What is Meditation?

Meditation is the direct experience of your own mind.
Although there are many different forms of meditation, all have one thing in common. Instead of allowing our mind to become lost in its own internal chatter we encourage a focus on a specific stimulus be it breathing, a picture or object, an activity e.g. colouring, writing or moving, a sound, a smell, touch, or repeating a particular word or set of words.
Meditation is a state of poised alertness and not one of drowsy forgetfulness. As the mind settles into a meditation practice, it frees itself from the exhausting effects of its own mental chatter. The mind becomes concentrated and focused and after the meditation it remains calm and refreshed.
Practicing Meditation techniques assists in the development of our concentration. We discover that as our mind becomes more focused and tranquil, so our body becomes more relaxed. The stillness that meditation brings allows us to see more clearly into ourselves and to develop more self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Meditation is not a religion, but all religions and spiritual traditions have placed major emphasis upon meditation as a path to personal growth.

Why Meditate?

We take up meditation for many reasons. For me it was a natural progression from my yoga practice and I needed some quiet time, time for me! A time of not DOING!! Having been a sufferer of panic attacks following a life-threatening illness, I also needed to take control and have something I could do to bring myself out of the panic. I have discovered that doing the meditation regularly, I no longer have the same intensity or frequency of attacks.

There is a strong link between mind and body. Disease and illness often follow anxiety, stress, or depression. Meditation helps to relax the body and mind. Deep relaxation creates certain conditions within the body which are physically beneficial. The lactate concentration of the blood, which is closely linked to anxiety levels decreases sharply. The breathing pattern which is consciously established during meditation creates conditions of serenity and calm. Many Physical changes can and have been recorded during meditation, including altered brain rhythms as well as Blood pressure and heart rate decreasing.
As the mind becomes calmer so the body learns to relax and rediscover it’s equilibrium.
As we become better able to handle stress and better able to experience the wellbeing that comes from the feeling of calm we find that the reduction in blood pressure and heart rate persists outside of meditation. Released from constant tensions, the body seems better able to ward off illnesses and infections. It can also help in management of pain control and is said to improve and speed up the healing process.

Is Meditation for Everyone?

Meditation has no negative side effects, and EVERYONE can do it. In fact, children do it frequently when they sit colouring.
Lots of us do it without even realising we are doing it. When we take time to look at nature in all its glory. When we take up a craft like knitting or painting so that we are focusing on one thing only.
It can be done sitting on the floor, on a chair, lying down, and can even be done standing or walking.

What might you experience in my class?

Well, you can choose to sit on a chair or floor or even lie on the floor.
There will always tend to be a little movement, a few gentle stretches but these can be done sitting, standing, or lying down.
The whole point of the classes is for you to discover meditation and the many different techniques that there are, so each class will vary. 
It is my aim for you to be able to find what works and what doesn’t work for you so that you can continue your meditation journey for yourself.
There will always be a breath meditation and a relaxation meditation in the class and you should feel relaxed but refreshed following the class.
You will feel calmer and you will feel better for it.
You may even discover things about yourself that you didn’t know or had forgotten.


If you want to come and try it out, you need only bring yourself.
Wear comfortable clothing you can move gently in and relax in. You don’t need any equipment.
Classes are the first Sunday in the month from 10-11am at £7
No previous experience is necessary and be open to have fun.
Contact me Anita Nathan on 01332 842070 or text on 07974 182 034 or email me on apmr.nathan@icloud.com for further details.’


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