Growth & Transformation - 6 Week Course

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Growth & Transformation - 6 Week Course

8th February 2018 10:00 AM

About the course - The Growth and Transformation Course is structured around Native American Shamanic Medicine Wheel to balance and transform Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Sexual aspects of ourselves for accelerated personal growth and greater joy in life. A variety of Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Meditation Practices supports us to reconnect with our true sense of self with acceptance, integrate our past, be more present and alive now and create something new in our lives. The transformative power of a supportive, heart-centred group of people committed to intentions for growth over the 6 week course can also have an on-going ripple effect within our lives.

The 6 sessions run for 3 hours, 10am - 1pm including a break, exploring some of the following areas:

Week 1 - Introduction - Medicine Wheel; Model of Balance; Setting a Personal Intent for growth

Week 2 - Mental Wellbeing - Power of Attention; Core Beliefs; Healthier Mind

Week 3 - Emotional Wellbeing - Attuning to self; Recurring Emotions; Gratitude; Love & Compassion

Week 4 - Physical Wellbeing - Nourishing Self; Taking Risks; Balance; Embodiment of Self

Week 5 - Spiritual Wellbeing - Happiness; Shadow Self & Fear; Being Alive; Inner Wisdom

Week 6 - Sexual / Life Force Energy & Creativity - Naturalness; Power; Trust; Creating your Future

This course is not a therapy group, although it does integrate psychotherapeutic theories and approaches to facilitate growth and wellbeing.

Led by - Sarah Hammond, UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist

Dates - Tuesday 20th February 2018 - Tuesday 27th March 2018

Time - 10am - 1pm

Venue - The Bridge Centre, Mickleover

Price - £275 (or £220 if booked and paid before 26.1.18) 

For further information, please email Sarah Hammond at or call her on 07854 509290

About Sarah Hammond - Sarah is a professionally trained and experienced Occupational Therapist (1996) and an Integrative Psychotherapist (2009). Sarah has also explored various Spiritual Traditions, particularly developing an understanding of wellbeing and growth through Meditationm Yoga, Mindfulness and Heart Intelligence Approaches. 

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