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Photo of Why I Love Gua Sha

Why I Love Gua Sha

I was taught how to perform Gua Sha during my training as an acupuncturist. Taken from the extensive toolkit of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is one of several ancillary techniques that Acupuncturists often use to enhance their treatments, alongside other, perhaps more well-known modalities such as cupping and moxibustion. So what...

Photo of How The Bridge Team can support runners

How The Bridge Team can support runners

On Sunday 3rd September, The Bridge Centre took an exploratory foray into the word of running; providing pre & post-race treatments at the Wilne 10k road race. This is an annual event with over 900 people of all abilities taking part. It is popular with runners as it is fast, flat and traffic-free, passing through the pleasant...

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