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Photo of How The Bridge Team can support runners

How The Bridge Team can support runners

On Sunday 3rd September, The Bridge Centre took an exploratory foray into the word of running; providing pre & post-race treatments at the Wilne 10k road race. This is an annual event with over 900 people of all abilities taking part. It is popular with runners as it is fast, flat and traffic-free, passing through the pleasant...

Photo of Cupping Therapy & K Tape

Cupping Therapy & K Tape

Cupping Therapy: Where there is an injury or chronic pain, there may be stagnant blood or poor circulation beneath the surface of the skin. The action of Cupping Therapy creates a vacuum which draws up the fascia, blood and stagnant tissue promoting improved circulation and oxygen which therefore enables faster recovery. Cupping...

Photo of K Tape

K Tape

Taping is a type of rehab therapy invented by a Japanese Chiropractor in 1980. By 1988 it had been adopted by The Japanese Olympic and Professional Athletes, and had started to spread around the world. Taping enjoyed a surge in popularity after the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, where several athletes were seen wearing it. So what is K Tape...

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