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Photo of Men & Fertility

Men & Fertility

Fertility is a sensitive subject for both men and women.  Men seem to find it especially difficult to talk about their own fertility issues or the emotional challenges of supporting partners. This is partly due to the expectations of society about how men “should” be or behave and partly down to the lack of support and resources...

Photo of IVF - My Story

IVF - My Story

IVF - My Story Admitting that you need IVF is hard enough, it’s almost accepting that you have failed to conceive naturally and that alone can leave the strongest couple broken and hurting. Yet we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and convince ourselves that we’ve ‘got this’. Luckily for me, I like to research, so...

Photo of Infertility - Nothing slaps a woman trying to conceive harder round the face than the word infertility…

Infertility - Nothing slaps a woman trying to conceive harder round the face than the word infertility…

I have just finished reading an article that, halle-bloody-lujah, recognised some of the often uncomfortable and complex emotions that women who are trying for a baby have to grapple with. It was a really good article and I am thrilled that the...

Photo of Our Story

Our Story

In 2016 I began having acupuncture with Caroline to prepare me for having my second IVF egg harvest and treatment at Nurture. Having had several frozen cycles at a previous clinic and two devastating miscarriages, I decided to try some alternative therapies to give this next cycle everything I could and hopefully alleviate some of the...

Photo of Fertility, Food & Lifestyle

Fertility, Food & Lifestyle

Fertility The body is a marvellous thing.  I wonder at its ability to take an egg and sperm and produce a baby  - a whole new life that has so much potential to make a difference in the World. The statistics on fertility highlight that getting pregnant is not so easy for some.  Apparently 1 in 7 women around the World have...

Photo of 5 top Tips for Healthy Sperm!

5 top Tips for Healthy Sperm!

  As an acupuncturist, for over 10 years I have been working with couples who are trying to conceive.  Some are trying naturally others are having assisted conception treatments such as IUI or IVF with ICSI.  Whatever the route, to becoming pregnant, men (and their sperm) can often get overlooked once it is established that there...

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