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Photo of Top tips for an easy menopause

Top tips for an easy menopause

Top Tips for an easy Menopause Menopause can present with a number of uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, weight gain, declining libido, vaginal dryness, and increased osteoporosis risk all due to fluctuating/lowering oestrogen levels. Here are a few tips on how to ease through the menopause...

Photo of Fibre


Are you eating enough of this food to help prevent health problems? Most of us do not include enough fibre in our diets, and with the current fashion of giving up grains and lowering carbohydrate intake, some people are simply not getting enough. So why is fibre so important? Fibre has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart...

Photo of Bikini Body

Bikini Body

Top tips for a Bikini Body... The recent warm sunshine heralds the spring and feelings of kicking off our winter woolies and bearing our bodies to the caressing sun-rays. It will soon be bikini weather! For most of us we take a look at ourselves and realise there is too much work to be done before we bear all on the beach. Here...

Photo of Top Tips to Tackle PCOS

Top Tips to Tackle PCOS

Top Tips to Tackle PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can lead to infertility and can have unpleasant symptoms like hair growth on the chin, loss of hair on the head, weight gain, acne and more. The cause is unknown, but several factors come into play to disrupt hormone balance, leading to higher levels of testosterone hence the...

Photo of Staying well this winter

Staying well this winter

6 Tips on how to support your winter immunity and avoid a cold Keep well hydrated with filtered water or try warm water with lemon slices and grated fresh ginger if you have a tickly throat. Lemon juice provides a concentrated source of vitamin C, well known for its immune supporting function.  Lemon zest contains an essential...

Photo of Top Tips for a good nights sleep

Top Tips for a good nights sleep

I love sleep. I love nodding-off and I love waking-up; it is all so satisfying when it is going well. However, sleep can be elusive to most of us at one time or another leaving us with physical or mental fatigue. Some people find it hard to get to sleep; others wake in the night or have a restless night’s sleep. This can also...

Photo of How do you know what to eat?

How do you know what to eat?

How do you know what to eat? So often reports come out stating a food is good for you, or worse, bad for you.  This creates confusion, and either over indulgence or abstinence. In my experience, from the study I have done, the research I have read, the specialists I have had the pleasure and honour to listen to there is a simple...

Photo of Eat, Drink and Stay Healthy

Eat, Drink and Stay Healthy

Christmas is a time of celebration when we come together, share gifts and eat rich, delicious food, washed down with copious amounts of alcohol amongst an array of other activities! For some this presents a challenge of how to enjoy the festivities without breaking their diet or healthy eating plan.  Here are some tips on how to do...

Photo of Top tips to deal with a hangover

Top tips to deal with a hangover

It's a time of year to be Merry, Ho,Ho,Ho!  But if you take it too far and indulge in too much alcohol you can awake the next morning regretting your exuberance. I am pleased to share a few top tips to help you avoid a hangover, or to get through it with less pain! Plan ahead.  Simple advice, but so powerful. If you know you're...

Photo of Pre-conception and Nutrition

Pre-conception and Nutrition

Pre-conception Information: Nutritional deficiencies prior to conception have been related to certain birth defects, so ensuring optimum nutrition prior and during pregnancy is vital. The nutritional status of women can prevent future generations from suffering from chronic diseases. Supplements are not an option in place of a...

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