Men & Fertility

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Men & Fertility

16th May 2018 11:50 AM

Author: Mark Clutton

Fertility is a sensitive subject for both men and women.  Men seem to find it especially difficult to talk about their own fertility issues or the emotional challenges of supporting partners. This is partly due to the expectations of society about how men “should” be or behave and partly down to the lack of support and resources for men in this situation.

  • Fertility difficulties can trigger a variety of emotions in men which can include disappointment, cause difficulties in relationships (with partners and other family members), loss of self-esteem/confidence, feelings of isolation, worries about sexual dysfunction, a feeling of emasculation
  • Men can find it very difficult to deal with the physical and emotional stress brought about by fertility difficulties, often being reluctant to talk or seek help/support
  • Reproductive medicine has, until recently focused on women’s fertility issues and solutions, consequently there has been fewer resources/treatments for men – but this is changing
  • Men can feel ignored or relegated whilst a couple’s fertility issues are examined
  • Fertility issues can put financial pressures on a couple, especially if the woman has to stop working.  This often leads to added pressures and stress.
  • Fertility matters can impact on work performance or needing to take time off for investigations/treatments, which can be difficult to share with employers and/or colleagues.

The good news is that attitudes are starting to change and there are increasing numbers of groups and also on-line forums for men to share and discuss these issues.  The taboo is starting to diminish.

There is a growing acceptance by the medical profession of the importance of stress reduction for men in this situation and the effectiveness of complementary therapies – including talking therapies – in this regard.

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