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PSYCH-K® addresses the source of our negative behavior, aiding habit change, wellness and stress reduction, through a combination of visualisations, affirmations, positive thinking and muscle testing.

What is PSYCH-K®

PSYCH-K® - "the key to the psyche" is a simple therapy that addresses deeply held limiting beliefs about ourselves - the ones that stop us getting what we want in life, in relationships or business, and the ones that sabotage our efforts.

PSYCH-K® focuses on helping to change the distress around past traumas, and anxieties and fears about future events (for example driving tests, job interviews).

To find out more about PSYCH-K®:

What to expect

The Practitioner working in partnership with you, the client, discusses your concerns and the beliefs that you wish to address and change. Together you work to create effective goal statements. This process requires clarification of what you really want, and addresses any benefits there may be for you in not changing. The statement ideally is worded to have the greatest meaning and impact for you. Once the statement is constructed, simple muscle-testing is used, to see if you are "wholebrained" about it.

If you are not, then one of the PSYCH-K® Balances is used, to remove your subconscious resistance to the statement and create the change. Once your conscious and subconscious are aligned, then it is much easier to move forward, and behave in more positive ways.

Benefits of PSYCH-K®   

After each PSYCH-K® session you may experience some kind of change or transformation in behaviour, mood, or attitude - perhaps even a sense of empowerment.

Some people may notice a change during the session or immediately after it. Others may notice the change in the following days. The process could even continue during the following hours, days, and weeks. It is always useful to observe these changes in your attitude and demeanour as they occur in your daily life, make notes, so you can look back, and this will help you in planning goals in future sessions.
Some issues may be solved in only one session, while others may require some additional work.

Clients wanting to find out more can book in for a FREE 30 Minute PSYCH-K® Consultation.

How to book

Contact us online or call us on 01332 521 270 today to speak to a member of our team or to book your treatment.

Getting to the Bridge Centre for Natural Health

The Bridge Centre for Natural Health is easily located at the end of the parade of shops on Ladybank Road in Mickleover, Derby, with free parking available outside the centre. The centre is also accessible via the main bus route services from Mickleover to Derby city centre.

With the A38 and A50 just minutes away not only is the centre conveniently located for the surrounding areas such as Littleover, Allestree, and Hilton, but also accessible from Ashbourne, Burton-on-Trent, and further afield.

  • 30 Minute Consultation    Free
  • 1st Appointment and Follow Up Appointment    90 minutes - £102
  • Block of 3    3 x 90 minutes - £285
  • Block of 6    6 x 90 minutes - £570
  • Please note: prices for treatments and duration of appointments can vary and are set by each individual practitioners, and are subject to change. For up to date pricing call the reception team on 01332 521 270.    

Cancellation Policy

We understand that people’s lives are busy and complex and that things happen which are out of your control. Wherever possible though we require 24-hour's notice of a cancelled appointment. If 24-hour's notice is not given our Practitioners reserve the right to charge you for the full cost of the missed appointment. This is at the discretion of the individual Practitioners.

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Contact us today to speak to a member of our team or to book your treatment.

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