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Photo of New Year’s Eve - Delight or Dread?

New Year’s Eve - Delight or Dread?

15th December 2021 09:53 AM - Richard Smith

If you noticed the title of this article and were drawn to reading it, the chances are a chord was struck somewhere inside you… Knowing that there is no right or wrong way to feel about a situation can be a useful starting point; observing what it is...

Photo of Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness

24th November 2021 10:16 AM -

This month we’re looking at stress, what is it, how it affects us, and what we can do about it. Stress is our body’s response to too much pressure, this could be mental or emotional. When under stress the body releases adrenaline and cortisol which...

Photo of Pregnancy Massage with Samantha Jackson

Pregnancy Massage with Samantha Jackson

6th October 2021 09:58 AM -

Pregnancy Massage with Samantha (Sam) Jackson Sam Jackson is one of our fabulous Practitioners here at the Bridge Centre, she is with us on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She offers a variety of treatments including Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles,...

Photo of Face the Flush - A Guide to the Menopause

Face the Flush - A Guide to the Menopause

21st July 2021 08:53 AM -

The menopause might be a natural part of aging for women, but with its long-lasting and wide-ranging symptoms that can span several years, it might not feel like a very natural process at times! Here at The Bridge Centre we’re committed to helping you...

Photo of Fibromyalgia and Complementary Therapies

Fibromyalgia and Complementary Therapies

16th June 2021 10:28 AM -

Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a long-term condition which causes all-over body pain, often alongside other symptoms such as muscle and joint stiffness, extreme fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. At present there’s no cure for Fibromyalgia, however treatments...

Photo of Bridge Centre COVID-19 Information

Bridge Centre COVID-19 Information

4th November 2020 10:58 AM -

Important Information Regarding Your Visit To ensure the Health & Safety of all our Clients, Practitioners and the Bridge Team, restrictions remain in place and you will be advised of specific requirements relating to your treatment when...

Photo of Osteopathic Appointment Update

Osteopathic Appointment Update

26th May 2020 10:31 AM -

Dear Osteopathy Patients We are delighted to advise you that we are now open for osteopathic appointments, with certain exclusions. These exclusion are for people who are shielding, or being shielded and those that are either clinically very vunerable,...

Photo of Centre Closed - Client and Visitor Notice: 23rd March 2020

Centre Closed - Client and Visitor Notice: 23rd March 2020

17th March 2020 08:39 PM -

The Bridge Centre is closed Please be advised the centre is currently closed. This decision has been made based on the extension to the lockdown and government advice for social distancing and information provided by governing bodies to protect the...

Photo of Musculoskeletal Disorders & The Workplace

Musculoskeletal Disorders & The Workplace

11th March 2020 01:22 PM - Rob Brooks

Musculoskeletal disorders are a common work-related illness in the UK and include problems like lower back pain, joint injuries and repetitive strain issues. Whatever your career, if you undertake any repetitive or strenuous activity, you may be...

Photo of 5 Simple Self-Care Practices for Valentine's Day

5 Simple Self-Care Practices for Valentine's Day

5th February 2020 11:13 AM - Franca Hood

You can take better care of yourself any day of the year, with these simple, tools and techniques. 1) Set Your Intentions... As soon as you get up in the morning, give yourself a positive message.  Your mind is listening to you all the time, and all...

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