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Photo of Fertility & Stress

Fertility & Stress

9th February 2016 05:28 PM -

How can a belief you don't even know you hold affect your fertile body? If you are experiencing fertility issues, it is vital to care for your emotional health, and to plan your emotional support structure. The fertility journey is often stressful, and...

Photo of How do I know if I am grieving properly?

How do I know if I am grieving properly?

21st December 2015 01:39 PM -

"How do I know I'm grieving properly?" is a question a client asked me last week.  How do we grieve properly? What is proper grief?  I'm a cognitive hypnotherapist, and I don't know the answer to that.  I'm happy to admit that I don't know the answer...

Photo of How does your Fertility path look?

How does your Fertility path look?

2nd September 2015 10:40 AM -

The path to fertility is unique for every one.  Not only because of the variety of different avenues it can take, but because every person's perception of each different avenue and pathway is different.  A long road of opportunity to one person may be...

Photo of Heart Centred and Proud

Heart Centred and Proud

18th August 2015 12:43 PM - Katy Henry

It is true, I have a new addiction.  It is Facebook Groups.  Mainly female entrepreneur focussed Facebook groups and I love them.  Never have I known on such a scale, female camaraderie.  The discussion, connection, support, love and celebration is...

Photo of Does your Mind control your waistline?

Does your Mind control your waistline?

2nd July 2015 10:28 AM - Sally Race

Do you want to eat healthily but find you can only manage it for a while? Do you find that you can lose weight only to find it creeps back on (and often a little more besides)? You are not alone and there is a reason why this happens. Actually there are...

Photo of "Help - I'm having a Mid-Life Crisis..."

"Help - I'm having a Mid-Life Crisis..."

18th May 2015 08:45 AM -

I am a Hypnotherapist. My client was experiencing symptoms of anxiety and panic.  "I'm having a mid-life crisis" is what they replied when I asked how I could help. How was my client's brain contributing to their mid-life crisis? We all have a...

Photo of How changing your diet could help with your Rheumatoid Arthritis

How changing your diet could help with your Rheumatoid Arthritis

2nd March 2015 09:09 AM - Samantha Farmer

I am a Nurtitional Therapist with an interest in autoimmune conditions and in this blog I am looking particularly at the link between diet and Rheumatoid Artritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system...

Photo of Staying well this winter

Staying well this winter

7th February 2015 12:25 PM - Samantha Farmer

6 Tips on how to support your winter immunity and avoid a cold Keep well hydrated with filtered water or try warm water with lemon slices and grated fresh ginger if you have a tickly throat. Lemon juice provides a concentrated source of vitamin C, well...

Photo of Is your inner Chimp making you anxious!

Is your inner Chimp making you anxious!

15th January 2015 10:36 AM -

How often does something wind you up to the extent that you fly into a rage, ranting and raving for a few minutes, and then leave you wondering where on earth it all came from? Road Rage is a fine example of this.  We drive along, quite happily in our...

Photo of Eat, Drink and Stay Healthy

Eat, Drink and Stay Healthy

5th December 2014 02:16 PM - Samantha Farmer

Christmas is a time of celebration when we come together, share gifts and eat rich, delicious food, washed down with copious amounts of alcohol amongst an array of other activities! For some this presents a challenge of how to enjoy the festivities...

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