Massage Therapies

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Massage Therapies

Massage can be used for relaxation as well as having powerful therapeutic benefits.  

We use Massage to treat injury and to prevent injury, to relieve stress and anxiety, to improve range of movement, to encourage lymphatic drainage, to boost the immune system, to release toxins and to energise and revitalise.  We love to offer it because we recognise that touch is a powerful healer and that the lives we live often leave us touch deprived.  We are able to offer massage where you lie down or remain seated and massage where you remain fully clothed or partially clothed depending on your preference.  Sometimes oils are used and sometimes not and all of our therapists will work with you the ensure you have the best possible experience.

Available massage therapies

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage/Remedial/Clinical
  • Hot Stones Massage
  • Leg & Foot Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage

For more information on our Massage options please contact us and we will happily help you to find the treatment that is right for you.



  • From    £35 - £70

Cancellation Policy

We understand that people’s lives are busy and complex and that things happen which are out of your control. Wherever possible though we require 24-hour's notice of a cancelled appointment. If 24-hour's notice is not given our Practitioners reserve the right to charge you for the full cost of the missed appointment. This is at the discretion of the individual Practitioners.

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I have had the privilege of being treated by both Cahir and Kerry Louise. They both offer different treatment's but totally compliment each one hundred percent. I am extremely grateful to them both as they have both been amazing. Kerry Louise I see every two weeks and she has bought me such peace, joy and tranquility. She seems to just know where I am hurting and works superbly at relieving that pain. She is awesome....thank you. I recommend The Bridge Clinic highly. It's the best!

W.B, Derbys

So glad to have found Kerry-Louise! Her aromatherapy treatment is amazing and very personalised. Add on the reflexology and I am reborn. Thank you and keep doing it!

Jenny, Derbyshire

After visiting Kerry for the last year I have enjoyed many relaxing Aromatherapy massages.I have tried different essential oils depending on how I am feeling, I have sensitive skin and Kerry always makes a Aromatherapy. blend to suit me . I find the massage a benefit for my aching muscles and Kerrys calm caring nature makes the whole experience an enjoyable one.Thank you Kerry

A.Sharp, Derby

I've had the pleasure of being massaged by the lovely Katya many times, and each time I come away feeling like I am walking on the clouds, all fluffy and soft. Katya is warm, caring and very professional. She has a good knowledge of the body and is compassionate in the delivery of her treatment. You know you are in good hands with Katya, and that you are going to be completely relaxed and yet energised after a treatment with her. I'd highly recommend Katya's Thai Massage to anyone."

Wendy S, Derbyshire

For 7 years I have had knee pain! I was told late last year surgery is the next step and to avoid doing anything that makes my knees hurt. (Pretty much everything!) In 6 appointments I am nearly pain free! Mel is straightening me out from top to bottom in his knowledgeable, calm & cheery way. I can even see me putting my running shoes back on again soon.

Tara, Derbys