Isn't Reiki just for Relaxation??

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Isn't Reiki just for Relaxation??

6th August 2015 01:14 PM

Author: Emma Wilkins

A blog exploring the myth that Reiki is just for relaxation and why Energy work can be so effective for your Natural Health......

When it comes to myths and natural healing, we have inherited many anecdotal cures and natural remedies for conditions.  I'm sure you have heard ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – well apparently apples contain a potent antioxidant called phenol, which studies at the University of Ulster have discovered have a DNA protective effect, with possible cancer preventative properties. So generations later, there would appear to be some roots in that old wives tale. A recently well publicised fact in the media has been that a daily tipple of red wine is good for the heart. A team of scientists at the University of London, found that certain chemicals present in red wine can interfere with the production of protein that clogs arteries. So a small daily glass of the good red stuff could support lowering cholesterol. Another well known speculation is that the menstruation cycle is linked to the moons influence on the tidal rhythms, believed by Charles Darwin nonetheless.

Now scientific research has come a long way since the mid 1880's, however amongst other theories, it is possible that the roots of Darwin’s thinking lies in the principle of Entrainment . This principle outlines that when there are two oscillating objects vibrating in proximity, the object vibrating at the lower rate will ‘lock’ in and synchronise with the object that is vibrating at the higher rate. Now I'm no scientist. And one could argue that the moon and sea are not in ‘close’ proximity but the Moon is pretty big and the Earth has a large volume of water. However lets for a moment consider bio-magnetic energy fields. It is known that every object in the universe has its own unique resonant frequency. We humans are multi-cellular organisms. Every cell in our physical body is comprised of energy matter and it has long been known that activities of cells and tissues generate electrical fields that be detected on the skin surface. The law of physics demand that any electrical current generate a corresponding magnetic field in the surround space. However as these fields were too tiny to detect, biologists assumed they could have no physiological significance. However it was the pioneering work of Baule & McFee in 1963 and David Cohen in 1972 that meant through the development of a SQUID (Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device) the discovery that all tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations which have become known as bio-magnetic fields. Scientists are using SQUID to map the ways diseases alter the bio-magnetic fields around the body. Scientists have also used this device to monitor the energy being emitted from a Reiki Healers hands. Human hands will naturally have their own bio-magnetic field which I've discussed above, however it has been discovered that the hands of a Healer can have a field strength of 0.002 gauss, which is one thousand times stronger than any other field emitted from the body. 

As I mentioned above – I am NO scientist – but I find that information fascinating. It makes sense to me and stimulates that part of my mind that is curious as to how things work. My background lies in the Humanities and in particular: Drama, the Creative Healing Arts, Psychotherapy and Social Care. When I trained in Reiki over a decade ago, I didn't have any awareness of the scientific approach that could be applied to this particular art of healing energy because for me at that point it was a Spiritual practice. I knew I could sense and feel energy. It felt a tangible experience both for me and for those I channelled it too. However what I have now is a stronger sense of curiosity. An essential quality for a Therapist I think. I'm interested in my client's stories, past and present and how these affect them in the current moment. How the energy of these stories and the energy of the emotion behind their stories can still be stored and experienced physically, emotionally, psychologically and energetically as inhibiting and restrictive. Think about why you may seek out a particular treatment. It may be because you are experiencing strong physical symptoms or have a condition that means you experience acute muscular or joint pain. It may be because you feel anxious or depressed and need support in managing the physical symptoms that are associated with those conditions or you feel you need help unpacking why you experience these feelings of lethargy or anxiety. Whatever your reason or need for a treatment, if you are feeling unwell one or more of your organs in your body or glands in the endocrine system relating to that illness will have bio-magnetic frequencies that are not in the healthy range for those parts of the body.  

So the Healing is literally in the hands. By healing I mean restoration, repair and change. When a Reiki Therapist places their hands near an organ or part of the body that is ‘sick’, out of balance or not working at its optimum, that part of the body will entrain to the higher vibration of the energy being emitted or channelled from the Practitioner's hands. It is in the process of this bio-magnetic adjustment where electrical currents flow into the cells and nervous system within and around the body that supports the biological healing process – or as known in Reiki terms ‘The Traditional Usui System of Natural Healing’. Your body is magnificent – it knows what it needs to work at its best. It knows where there may be deficiencies and will ‘draw’ the energy it needs from the source of energy the Reiki Therapist is connecting with. A direct translation of Reiki is Universal Energy. If, from what you've read, you can accept the science part of how our bodies consist of and are affected by bio-magnetic fields and electrical currents – ie, Energy, then perhaps test out an Energy based treatment to experience and evidence for yourself how an effective a healing and therapeutic intervention it can be. Oh... and did I mention relaxing?

This is the first in a series of articles where Emma will focus on how and why Reiki can benefit specific conditions. If you are interested in knowing more about Reiki treatments or are interested in training, please contact Emma on 07940 381928 or email her on

She is running an open afternoon and evening demonstration on 20th August at our Repton Centre. More information can be found on the events section of this website.



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