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Photo of How acupuncture changed my life

How acupuncture changed my life

1st July 2016 11:32 AM - Sharon Waltho

How acupuncture changed my life… My first memory of migraine was when I was around 8 years old.  I had been out on my bike and remember being unable to see clearly.  By the time I got home I had the most horrendous pain in my head.  I was fortunate...

Photo of Mindfulness - Antidote to a life half lived?

Mindfulness - Antidote to a life half lived?

24th May 2016 11:44 AM -

I attended the firework display at Alton Towers last November and it was utterly fabulous. While we stood experiencing it in all its glory I became aware that there was a child standing in front of us filming it on a phone. The child was about 10-years...

Photo of Pregnancy Massage: Luxury or Necessity...

Pregnancy Massage: Luxury or Necessity...

24th May 2016 09:51 AM - Andrea Clarke

Can you afford not to?  The Hidden Benefits Many women feel that having a massage during pregnancy is something of a luxury, a bit of a pampering, but not something that should be taken too seriously. Or something that's going to be of any real...

Photo of Maternity Acupuncture

Maternity Acupuncture

17th May 2016 11:43 AM - Sue Whalley-Lloyd

For those of you pregnant ladies out there, who are experiencing health related issues and have been told to 'just get on with it' as conventional medicine is unable to help, well, here is some very important news: Women in New Zealand are being...

Photo of Mindfulness - passing craze or here to stay?

Mindfulness - passing craze or here to stay?

13th May 2016 12:39 PM -

So if you have not at least heard of Mindfulness then you are probably living some kind of a hermit style life and in that case you are probably already practising mindfulness so keep it up. Mind you if you are doing that you are probably not living a...

Photo of Chinese Dietary Wisdom

Chinese Dietary Wisdom

19th April 2016 03:05 PM - Sue Whalley-Lloyd

So...just how important is Food? What we eat, how we cook it and how we eat it. I'm sure most of you will say 'very important' but there are so many conflicting messages out there that it's hard to know what to do for the best. My training certainly...

Photo of Is erection failure all in your mind?

Is erection failure all in your mind?

1st April 2016 02:02 PM - Franca Hood

Erection problems can start right out of the blue.  One moment it is there, and the next moment it isn't.  This can be a source of frustration, anger and upset, which can lead to anxiety and depression in some men. When a man comes to me with erection...

Photo of Bikini Body

Bikini Body

1st April 2016 11:33 AM - Samantha Farmer

Top tips for a Bikini Body... The recent warm sunshine heralds the spring and feelings of kicking off our winter woolies and bearing our bodies to the caressing sun-rays. It will soon be bikini weather! For most of us we take a look at ourselves and...

Photo of Hayfever


29th March 2016 03:14 PM - Samantha Farmer

Hay fever, otherwise called seasonal allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to pollen. The pollens include trees, grass and weeds. For some, mould spores can also trigger hay fever symptoms. Histamine is released into the bloodstream by the immune...

Photo of Let's talk about the 'C' word...

Let's talk about the 'C' word...

3rd March 2016 06:11 PM - Maxine Silk

Or, more specifically....Cancer and Acupuncture  In the UK there are over 2 million people surviving after receiving a diagnosis of cancer. Early diagnosis and improved treatment options means that more people are receiving a favourable...

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