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Photo of Stoptober...smoking cessation

Stoptober...smoking cessation

3rd October 2017 12:55 PM - Mark Clutton

Want to give up smoking, but unsure where to start...? Here are 5 points to consider to support your quit smoking success Be sure that you are doing this for YOU - not for anyone else - partner, kids, expense, friends etc and that you REALLY want...

Photo of Menopause


25th September 2017 01:23 PM - Maxine Silk

Menopause It comes to us all at some point or other. Perhaps even men. However today i want to talk about the female menopause and who suffers most. The average age for most women is between 45 and 55 and is a time of change. It might start by your...

Photo of Cupping Therapy & K Tape

Cupping Therapy & K Tape

12th September 2017 11:13 AM - Maxine Silk

Cupping Therapy: Where there is an injury or chronic pain, there may be stagnant blood or poor circulation beneath the surface of the skin. The action of Cupping Therapy creates a vacuum which draws up the fascia, blood and stagnant tissue promoting...

Photo of How The Bridge Team can support runners

How The Bridge Team can support runners

11th September 2017 11:14 AM - Caroline Challender

On Sunday 3rd September, The Bridge Centre took an exploratory foray into the word of running; providing pre & post-race treatments at the Wilne 10k road race. This is an annual event with over 900 people of all abilities taking part. It is popular...

Photo of Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

8th September 2017 01:34 PM - Samantha Farmer

Morning Sickness. The delight of being pregnant can soon be hampered by feelings of morning sickness, which can affect 8 out of 10 women who experience nausea or vomiting. For some women they may feel nauseous in the morning and for others it can last...

Photo of Top Tips to Tackle PCOS

Top Tips to Tackle PCOS

6th September 2017 01:59 PM - Samantha Farmer

Top Tips to Tackle PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can lead to infertility and can have unpleasant symptoms like hair growth on the chin, loss of hair on the head, weight gain, acne and more. The cause is unknown, but several factors come into play to...

Photo of Endometriosis


6th September 2017 01:57 PM - Samantha Farmer

Endometriosis; what it is and how to manage it. According to 'Endometriosis Uk' 1 in 10 women of reproductive age in the UK suffer from endometriosis and it can take roughly 7 1/2 years to get a diagnosis from onset of symptoms. As a former sufferer...

Photo of How do you know what to eat?

How do you know what to eat?

22nd August 2017 02:09 PM - Samantha Farmer

How do you know what to eat? So often reports come out stating a food is good for you, or worse, bad for you.  This creates confusion, and either over indulgence or abstinence. In my experience, from the study I have done, the research I have read,...

Photo of Fertility, Food & Lifestyle

Fertility, Food & Lifestyle

17th August 2017 02:18 PM - Samantha Farmer

Fertility The body is a marvellous thing.  I wonder at its ability to take an egg and sperm and produce a baby  - a whole new life that has so much potential to make a difference in the World. The statistics on fertility highlight that getting...

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