5 top Tips for Healthy Sperm!

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5 top Tips for Healthy Sperm!

19th July 2013 11:21 AM

Author: Katy Henry


As an acupuncturist, for over 10 years I have been working with couples who are trying to conceive.  Some are trying naturally others are having assisted conception treatments such as IUI or IVF with ICSI.  Whatever the route, to becoming pregnant, men (and their sperm) can often get overlooked once it is established that there is some and whether or not assistance is required.  Male fertility issues count for about half of all couples trying to conceive.   Men this is for you…

Sperm has a life cycle of about 90 days and so is constantly changing.  What this means is that there is a lot that can be done to keep your sperm in tip top condition.  Here are the 5 top actions that can help keep your sperm happy!




  • Keep cool.  Your balls hang outside your body for a reason.  Sperm needs to be kept slightly cooler than the rest of your body.  Sitting for long periods of time, mobile phones, ovens, tight underwear and sitting with the laptop on your knee all increase the temperature.  Do what you can to regulate the temperature and stop things getting too hot.


  • Keep moving.  Regular ejaculation is key to keeping your sperm store refreshed and healthy.  You should ejaculate at least every 5 days, but preferably every 2 – 3.  Good reason to have sex regularly throughout the month and not just when the pee stick dictates!


  • Keep hydrated.  There is overwhelming evidence that suggests we are de-hydrated.  Think of swimming, think of water.  Your sperm needs plenty of water to keep swimming.


  • Keep nourished.  A healthy diet and a good supplement are essential to your sperm’s well-being.  Two of the most important supplements for healthy sperm are Selenium and Zinc.  I recommend Zita West’s Vitamen – an easy one a day capsule.


  • Keep Clean! (ish)  Caffeine, Cigarettes, Alcohol and non-prescription drugs all have an impact on your sperm.  Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to tell you, you can’t have an occasional beer on a Friday night to relax, but putting toxins into your body on a daily basis or to excess will have an effect on your sperm. 


Your sperm is literally quite amazing…  It goes on an incredible journey to find that egg and has to work hard to be recognised and welcomed in once it’s there….  Give it a helping hand by taking good care of it and yourself.


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