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Holiday Back Care

17th July 2019 11:48 AM


Helpful Hints for Travelling with Back Pain

If you’re struggling with back pain, the idea of jetting off on holiday might leave you with mixed feelings. On the one hand, time to relax in the sunshine might be just what you need, but on the other hand, getting to your destination might not be the most back-friendly journey. Here are some tips for taking care of your back whilst travelling, and during your holiday.


It might sound obvious, but it can be really tempting when you’re going away to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but taking the time to try and whittle down your packing may benefit you when it comes to the journey itself. Lighter bags will put less strain on your joints and muscles.


Ideally pick a case or bags with wheels, reducing the amount of time you have to spend actually carrying your luggage, especially if you’re taking hand luggage since this will be with you for the entire journey. Consider if a backpack might be more suitable to use on holiday, rather than a crossbody bag.

Ask for Help

There is often a myriad of help available if you ask for it. If you have a travelling companion they may be able to help you with your suitcase. And when boarding an aeroplane see if there is another passenger or crew member that may be able to help you get your hand luggage in the overhead compartment.


Think about how you can make the flight and your accommodation more comfortable. If you need softer or firmer pillows see if the hotel can provide these, and if not consider taking your own. If you need a softer mattress ask for an extra duvet to use as a mattress topper. A back support or neck pillow may be helpful whilst travelling.

Keep Moving

It’s often recommended to try and keep moving with back pain (although check with your doctor first to see what’s recommended for you). If this is the case try and select an aisle seat if flying so that you can get up to walk about and stretch more easily. The same applies when you arrive at your destination, if you’re headed for a summer sun holiday as tempting as it is to stay on a lounger all day, try and go for a wander at regular intervals. If you are lying on a lounger be mindful that lying on your front to read means maintaining the lumbar spine in an extended position, which can exacerbate existing, or cause, lower back pain.


Last but not least - have a great holiday! 


If you’re struggling with back pain our Osteopathy team may be able to help. To find out more call The Bridge Centre team on 01332 521 270.


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