Musculoskeletal Disorders & The Workplace

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Musculoskeletal Disorders & The Workplace

11th March 2020 01:22 PM

Author: Rob Brooks

Musculoskeletal disorders are a common work-related illness in the UK and include problems like lower back pain, joint injuries and repetitive strain issues.

Whatever your career, if you undertake any repetitive or strenuous activity, you may be susceptible to any of the above.

Here at The Bridge, we encounter these types of conditions on a regular basis and a part of any treatment plan for our patients is prevention, or at the very least, reducing the likelihood of re-injury.

Increasingly common, are repetitive strain injuries relating to those of us with desk bound occupations. Sitting for hours at a time tapping away at a keyboard and staring at a monitor or constantly taking phone calls can take its toll on our bodies…. and before we know it, we’re feeling the strain within minutes of starting work and wondering what we’ve done to ourselves to elicit such symptoms.

We can’t always avoid the activities that cause us discomfort so we must devise strategies to minimise their negative impact on our bodies.

Here are a couple of ideas which might just help you get through a day in the office without feeling like you’ve been run over by a stampede of galloping horses.

  • Correct desk height and a suitable seat are important to feel comfortable, relaxed and physically supported.
  • Wrist supports and a well-positioned screen can also make a big difference to comfort levels, and need to be assessed properly to find your optimal working position.
  • Speak to your employer and ask them to provide an occupational health assessment of your workspace.
  • In an increasingly busy office environment where the ‘in tray’ is ever expanding and the ‘out tray’ never fills, it’s difficult to find time away from your desk but regular breaks are key to a productive and pain free day. Every 45-50 minutes, get up get active and move around, even if it’s just for minute or so. Shoulder rolls, neck stretches and a few twists and side bends can really do wonders and when it comes to lunch break, take it away from your desk.
  • If it’s a nice day, or even if it’s not, get outdoors if you can. Take a short walk, breathe in some fresh air and let the stress of the morning fall away so you can return to work feeling ‘ready to rock’.

Implementing new ways of working can be daunting and feel impossible to achieve but even the smallest changes really can make the biggest difference.

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