Spring Cleaning for Wellbeing

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Spring Cleaning for Wellbeing

22nd March 2022 10:09 PM


Spring is a time for new beginnings, the days are longer, brighter, and (hopefully) that little bit warmer. Whilst the temptation might be there to clear out the clutter from the depths of the cupboards, and dust every nook and cranny in every room, this year we’re taking a different approach, and thinking about the ways we can Spring Clean for Wellbeing.


Instead of clearing out the shoes from under the bed, or finally letting go of that thread-pulled jumper you’ve been clinging onto for years, why not take a look at your bed itself, rather than the room it resides in?

There are plenty of ways you can 'clean-up' your slumber. You can try banishing gadgets from the bedroom to help you switch off and unwind aware from the glare of the screen, or look at replacing tired old pillows which may no longer be supportive, leaving you with restless sleep and a stiff neck. Changing your duvet tog can have a huge impact, with the wrong temperature being a big factor in your sleep quality, maybe it’s time to banish the winter duvet in favour of lighter, spring bedding.


It’s all too tempting to hear the word 'diet' and switch off, but diet is so much more than our waistlines; it’s our energy levels, our skin health, it can affect our moods and have an impact on so many common ailments.

So what can we do about it? Instead of focusing on what you need to consume less of, start by thinking about what you need to eat more of and take it from there. Given the time of year, spring greens are a great place to start! Packed with immune boosting vitamin C these leafy vegetables could help you dodge the last of the winter bugs. Asparagus is also in season in spring, and is high in folic acid, potassium, fibre, and vitamins A, B6, and C.

Pair your seasonal veg with energy boosting whole grains and healthy carbs and see if it helps put a spring in your step!


The NHS advises that adults should do some physical activity daily, amounting to a combination of strengthening and moderate / vigorous activity across the week.

Often the battle when it comes to starting a new exercise regime is that exercising feels like something we should do, rather than something we want to. As part of your Wellbeing Spring Clean why not shift the focus back to finding what activity brings you joy? Do you prefer the solitude of pounding the pavements in your running shoes, the camaraderie of joining a local sports team, it’s never too late to learn a new skill like martial arts, or to improve your strength and posture with Pilates or Yoga.

Whatever you choose, if it’s something you love then not only will you feel the physical benefits, your mental wellbeing may well improve too. Start small to ease yourself in and see what activity tickles your fancy and gets you moving. As always we recommend speaking to your GP if you’re not exercised for a while or if you have any medical issues or concerns.

Declutter the Mind

Sounds easier said than done, right? Many of us suffer with mental fatigue, our entire days spent racing from one choice and life admin job to the next. It can be exhausting and take a toll on our wellbeing.

We’re aware that there’s only a limited amount that can be done to reduce our mental load because some things just need doing, but that doesn't mean there aren’t ways to help lighten it a little. Even just writing down your priorities can help keep you on track, something to physically refer back to when you’re feeling overwhelmed to help you see if you’re still working towards these or if the busy-ness of life has derailed you. And whilst you have your pen and paper ready, have you tried writing down your thoughts at the end of the day? Committing them to paper can help you set them aside and keep your mind free to focus on the task at hand - getting some rest!

Another thing to help ground us and improve wellbeing is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be present, to be aware of our surroundings and also of ourselves and is known to help reduce stress and overwhelm. We know that the idea of finding time to practise Mindfulness Meditation where you sit silently and keep bringing your wandering thoughts back to yourself and the present may be a little daunting at first, so why not start by taking your Mindfulness practice out with you? Taking a moment each day to notice how the weather feels, what sounds of nature you can hear, and see if you notice a reduction in overwhelm and improved sense of self.

Hay Fever

Environmental allergies can occur all year round, with many of us battling hayfever over the drier months, but it can be useful to start thinking about your health as early as the start of spring, as the first flowers begin to bloom and tree pollen levels rise.

Start checking pollen counts early on in the season to help you stay ahead of your symptoms. However you manage your hay fever, knowing what to expect from the day ahead may be able to help you minimise the effects of a high pollen count. This may mean ensuring you have your chosen medicinal relief (if taken) to hand, not drying washing outside on high pollen days, and applying a barrier such as Vaseline around your nostrils to help block or trap pollen. If you’re looking for additional support with Hay Fever, studies have shown that Acupuncture may be able to help you with symptoms and antihistamine use.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for Spring Cleaning for Wellbeing. Wishing you all a happy and healthy spring, summer and beyond.


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